ZURICH, Switzerland, May 5 /PRNewswire/ -- The research for non-invasive glucose monitoring has found new investors: The Zürich Cantonal Bank will invest in Solianis; together with a research grant from the European Union and private investors a total of CHF 2.5 Mio is raised.

Solianis Monitoring AG has reached another mile stone in its career: The company has concluded a capital increase of CHF 2.5 Mio. Alongside with private investors the Zürich Cantonal Bank will participate with CHF 500'000 as a part of their funding program for pioneer companies. "It is essential for us to support start-ups in the difficult fund raising process and be a reliable partner for the development of the company," says Herbert Huwiler, Start-up Finance, Zürich Cantonal Bank.

In addition, the Seventh Framework programme for Research and Technological Development (RP7/FP7), the main instrument of the EU to fund European research, supports the company with EUR 220'000 to continue its activities. Solianis has accomplished this in a project consortium with various European partners.

Mario Stark, CEO of Solianis Monitoring, concludes: "With this capital increase we can continue the current clinical work to demonstrate that our technology is applicable in the daily life of patients". Solianis Monitoring AG is developing a device for the non-invasive monitoring of blood glucose for patients with diabetes to improve their quality of life.

Contact: Mario Stark, CEO Phone: +41-44-306-80-40 Mobile: +41-79-542-88-74 E-Mail: mario.stark@solianis.com

Contact: Mario Stark, CEO, Phone: +41-44-306-80-40, Mobile: +41-79-542-88-74, E-Mail: mario.stark@solianis.com