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- New NSS:Dashboard centralizes management and provides 'dynamic' admin support; new version provides the fastest, most secure and most scalable NAS quotas on the market

NORTHERN, global providers of flexible, easy-to-administer storage resource management software solutions, today announces Northern Storage Suite V8 [NSS V8], which introduces over 1,000 innovations and changes, including several major new additions and a host of enhancements to provide even more granular and efficient control over enterprise-wide storage management. NSS V8 was engineered to meet today's demand for automated, yet highly customizable storage management that can be tailored to environments integrating various storage technologies, particularly the growing number that have made significant investments in Network Attached Storage [NAS] provides IT administrators with everything from more quota functionality, graphical reporting, true NAS management, and via the introduction of NSS:Dashboard, a means of monitoring and managing all storage devices and activity across even the most heterogeneous enterprises from a single location.

"Northern Storage Suite V8 is a major new release, delivering a significantly more powerful storage management solution that has the feature set and flexibility to address even the most challenging network environment," said Thomas Vernersson, Northern's President. "The new release meets several key market needs, including a true management tool for NAS devices. But from a strategic standpoint, our main objective was to provide admins with a new level of 'intelligent' storage management that integrates robust analytics with automation."


The new NSS V8 start page presents users with one of the new suite's most compelling innovations: the NSS:Dashboard. NSS:Dashboard offers admins and management staff "actionable reporting," providing them with analytics [i.e., vital updates on general storage health] as well as warnings and recommendations for pre-emptive or immediate action. The Dashboard leads administrators quickly into the component of the suite that is most relevant at that time; if a warning flag is present and the advice is to clean-up the file system then the administrator can jump straight to Storage Reporter and configure a 'Report on Folder Size' to identify exactly which objects are using all the storage. Multiple Dashboards can be configured and emailed; this enables an administrator to receive emails based on a specific set of Dashboard analytics, and email another Dashboard configured to the needs of a supervisor, i.e., the CIO or colleague. NSS Dashboard Reports include:

-- Current State: Total usage and total capacity within the environment -- Current Paths: Paths at specific usage brackets and path growth rates -- Critical Paths: Highlighting paths at dangerous levels -- Future Critical Paths: Paths that require immediate action -- Current Users: Revealing average and excessive usage -- Future Users: Projected levels of usage and future distribution among users -- File Type Growth: Changes in the size of file type groups and projected future sizes WHAT'S NEW IN NSS V8 - High Performance NAS Quotas: Dramatically accelerating Northern Storage Suite's response times in NAS environments. V8 maintains a fast access list of file and path sizes in memory. When a change occurs, instead of rescanning the quota path V8 will simply add the new size to the known previous size and immediately update the user interface, send notifications, lock/unlock the quota, etc. This list, or file cache, is populated and updated as files are used, so NSS will always remember the most active files. Removing the need to re-scan significantly reduces network traffic and Disk I/O - Efficient and intelligent storage management. - Enhanced Report Output: Now, administrators can view the results of scheduled reports as pie, column and line charts, which facilitates faster and more accurate information delivery. Additionally, users can group report output, i.e. showing users who are saving mp4, mov and wmv files and how much space each is using, which affords administrators fast and accurate means of gleaning important insights into storage usage and trends. - Smart Quota Columns: Storage Administrators can now populate their quota interface with information collected from Active Directory. Show group, department, email address, directory owner, etc. for each quota/user. Enhanced mass-management is offered by the possibility to display, sort and filter according to properties of target accounts and directory owner accounts. - New Advanced Quota Types: These can be divided between Direct Attached Storage [DAS] technologies and NetApp technologies. DAS: Examples of New and Enhanced Quotas: -- File Allow Quotas: specify that only doc, xls, ppt and pdf files can be saved into a project folder -- Exclusion of Sub-path: block media files on all folders except a specific "Media" directory, i.e., set a quota on an entire project folder but exclude the subfolder "Media" -- Exclusion of File Type: set quotas on all user shares but don't count .pst files towards the quota -- Exclusion of User: set quotas on all users except management and IT staff, Block file types for all users expect those belonging to the Marketing group -- Quotas on File Types: allow users to save some jpg images but control just how much NetApp NAS Quotas Include -- Hybrid Quotas: an even closer integration between Northern and NetApp offers a high performance combination of passive monitoring and active locking/unlocking. Quota targets are monitored passively, guaranteeing zero impact on day-to-day file system activity and maximizing filer performance. Hybrid quotas use Northern's NSS Server to monitor quota objects and NetApp's FPolicy technology to lock/unlock -- User quota: control usage by user account within project or shared department folders -- Exclusion of User: set quotas on all users except management and IT staff, Block file types for all users expect those belonging to the Marketing group -- Exclusion of Sub-path: block media files on all folders except a specific "Media" directory, i.e., set a quota on an entire project folder but exclude the subfolder "Media" - Quota Wizard: Administrators can quickly configure and set their quotas without the need to understand advanced terminologies and concepts; they decide what to do, NSS decides how to do it - Folder-level Reporting: This is a new report type that gives admins a "three-dimensional" view into usage at all levels within a file structure - in a single report. Admins can identify the user responsible for the majority of data and identify exactly where that data is stored - in a single, integrated "view". Admins can see usage by file type by user at each level. - Exchange and Quota Reports: Admins can create reports based on Microsoft Exchange mailbox size and report on NSS quota size and/or usage.

NSS is priced per host and capacity. Find your local reseller on http://www.northern.net


Northern is an international software company specializing in the development of reliable, flexible and easy to use solutions for storage management. The company serves a global market through its four bases of operations, Tampa [FL], Stockholm [Sweden], London [UK] and Biarritz [France]. Over 28,000 organizations in 56 different countries are using Northern software solutions.

Northern Storage Suite, as well as the company's full complement of network administration utilities, is available through resellers worldwide, authorized distributors and from Northern directly. Customers in North America should contact Northern [U.S. Operations] at +1-800-881-4950 or sales@northern.net. Customers in other parts of the world should visit Northern's Reseller page on www.northern.net to find their local Northern software supplier, or contact Northern [European Operations] at +46-8-457-50-00.

Web site: http://www.northern.net

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