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- For software developers who are building diagram-based user interfaces for Microsoft.NET

Northwoods Software today announced the availability of GoDiagram(TM) 3.0, a newly updated version of their popular diagramming software for developers.

GoDiagram 3.0 makes it even easier for developers to add expressive, interactive diagrams to their applications so that relationships within data become clear. GoDiagram provides the controls developers need to easily build applications incorporating interactive diagrams, such as flowcharts, state diagrams, networks, software design tools, workflow editors, and other graphical displays. Applications using GoDiagram allow users to clearly see and better understand data, and quickly manipulate data by interacting directly with the diagrams, thus resulting in greater user satisfaction and increased productivity.

Version 3.0 of GoDiagram for .NET improves on GoDiagram 2.6 by adding several features important to developers. Developers can easily enhance the appearance of existing diagrams through the use of new brush styles, gradient brushes, and fill methods. A new GoDrawing class provides the most general GoShape yet, including the Figure property to select from scores of predefined figures. Saving and restoring diagrams in XML has been simplified with a new class that allows declarative binding of GoDiagram objects and properties with XML elements and attributes. Several new sample applications round out the new release, demonstrating common diagram styles and supported user interactions.

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Northwoods Software Corporation, founded in 1995, was the first company to provide diagramming components for Microsoft.NET. Since its founding, Northwoods Software has grown to become one of the world's leading suppliers of interactive diagram components and class libraries. Northwoods prides itself on quality software design and excellent technical support.

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