DALLAS and BARCELONA, Spain, July 23 --

- Innovative web services technology NTRsupport Pro remote support offers IT a
significantly more profitable business model

NTRglobal (http://www.ntrglobal.com/) today announced a category-breaking
remote support solution for IT support professionals, NTRsupport Pro
(http://www.ntrglobal.com/ntrsupportpro/en-US/remote-support.asp). An innovative
IT support solution purpose built for support professionals seeking powerful
remote control (http://www.ntrglobal.com/ntrsupportpro/en-US/remote-control.asp)
designed for a small IT support operation. A free 7 day trial
is available from the NTRglobal website.

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NTRsupport Pro is portable for easy access
(http://www.ntrglobal.com/ntrsupportpro/en-US/online-remote-support.asp) from
any computer so an IT support professional can work from anywhere to deliver
secure instant remote support. The NTRsupport Pro executable is a small,
self-contained widget that is easily downloaded from the internet or can be
downloaded and accessed via USB storage device.

Non-browser dependent, NTRsupport Pro operates similar to a desktop widget via
direct internet connection like a web service.

NTRglobal is the only on-demand solution provider in its category to offer a
choice of SaaS, customer self-hosted and virtual appliance delivery models as
well as two remote support solutions (NTRsupport Ultimate
(http://www.ntrglobal.com/ntrsupport/en-US/remote-support.asp) and NTRsupport
Pro (http://www.ntrglobal.com/ntrsupportpro/en-US/remote-support.asp)) for
business teams of any size.

With NTRsupport Pro, a technical support provider can virtually manage up to
eight computers simultaneously, even if the machine requires a reboot.
NTRsupport Pro remote control capabilities allow support techs to diagnose
problems, implement fixes, transfer files and demonstrate solutions while a
customer watches in real time or is away from their machine. Additional machines
can be monitored in unattended mode by the StayConnected(TM) agent which is
downloaded onto the end user machine. Multiple StayConnected machines can be
easily managed from the simple operator user interface with no limit to the
total numbers of machines supported.

NTRsupport Pro was specifically created to empower individual IT support
professionals to provide remote technical support and fix problems over the Web,
eliminating costly travel and downtime, said Mark Cheshire, VP product
management . This new solution is also perfect for Managed Service Providers
(MSPs) who are looking to provide ad-hoc remote support with their service
offerings. With a simple user interface, basic remote control features and
integration to small business accounting systems, NTRsupport PRO is perfect for
the SMB market.

With the growing demand for instant technical support by consumers, employees
and businesses around the world, NTRsupport Pro offers a powerful and cost
effective option to deliver high quality online support expertise. For less than
the equivalent of the average mobile phone bill, NTRsupport helps extend reach,
flexibility and business opportunity IT professionals need to schedule and
deliver instant and proactive support services from anywhere.

For those individuals looking to start their own IT support business,
NTRsupport Pro provides all the tools they need at a price they will love, added

Delivering on-demand technical support and proactive management services over
the Web amazes our clients, allows us to cut travel costs by more than 90
percent and reinvest the time and money in adding valuable, highly profitable
services to our portfolio, said Alba Lopez, CTO of Iricom, a leading provider of
medical technology services. NTRsupport Pro offers a nimble, yet highly secure
and robust clientless remote support solution that allows one to be virtually
on-hand to deliver services from anywhere. NTRsupport Pro makes it possible for
us to instantly reach our clients in a vertical where uptime is critical to
saving lives.

NTRsupport Pro benefits include: -- Deliver instant results for any customer --
Simultaneous remote connection for up to 8 sessions -- Multiplatform support --
Integration to small business accounting systems -- Resolve problems for your
clients effortlessly -- StayConnected(TM) for unattended troubleshooting --
Session scheduling -- Remote printing and file transfer -- Works anywhere you do
-- Multi-access: deliver support sessions from your laptop or any other PC --
Zero footprint after session closed -- Portable on a USB storage device

About NTRglobal

More than 17,000 companies in more than 60 countries rely on NTRglobal to
deliver on-demand solutions for remote support, remote access, remote systems
administration and online meetings.

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Heidi Wieland, NTRglobal Director of Analyst and Public Relations,
+1-805-687-4677, hwieland@ntrglobal.com