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- Oncentra(R) GYN to Officially Launch at ESTRO 2008 in Sweden, September 14-18 and ASTRO 2008 in Boston, September 21-25

Nucletron, a knowledge-based leader in radiation oncology, and the world-class medical institution General Hospital Vienna (AKH) / Medical University of Vienna (MUW), have extended their longstanding cooperation through a multi-tiered partnership to advance image-guided adaptive brachytherapy for gynecology. Together they have developed a brand-new landmark technology called Oncentra(R) GYN. Nucletron's latest innovation in image-guided adaptive brachytherapy for cervical cancer, will be introduced to the radiation community, first at the ESTRO 2008 conference in Gothenburg, Sweden, September 14-18 and one week later, at ASTRO 2008 in Boston, USA, September 21-25.

Together with the Vienna Ring Applicator, Oncentra GYN provides a unique solution for image-guided adaptive brachytherapy combining the intracavitary and interstitial technique for tumors with unfavorable topography. Oncentra GYN is the only system that supports fully the GEC-ESTRO recommendations for gynecologic brachytherapy as well as all clinical protocols.

"Oncentra GYN, in combination with the Vienna Ring Applicator, sets a new standard for intracavitary and interstitial applications," said Jos Lamers, chief executive officer of Nucletron. "This revolutionary technology allows tumors to be effectively irradiated while minimizing damage to healthy organs in the pelvic region. Partnering with AKH has afforded Nucletron the opportunity to collaborate with one of the world's most advanced teams of radiation experts. Their commitment to further advancing this technology worldwide is truly remarkable."

"This solution allows the most precise method of applicator reconstruction, anatomy-based loading and anatomy-based optimization for daily clinical practice available yet," said Prof. Dr. Christian Kirisits, director of brachytherapy physics at AKH. "The new tools are based on the experiences with a long tradition of cervix cancer brachytherapy. Oncentra GYN covers all needs from simple manual adaptation of dose distributions, and inverse optimization adapted for each individual fraction, up to dynamic planning during the insertion of the applicator."

By extending their partnership, Nucletron and AKH Vienna have set the stage for future innovations in the field of adaptive brachytherapy with the clear aim of further improving patient care.

Oncentra GYN will be available for demonstration at ESTRO, Nucletron, Booth B02:50 from September 14-18 and at ASTRO, Nucletron Booth 1602 from September 21-25.

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