CAMBRIDGE, England, December 6, 2010 /PRNewswire/ -- Executives from Phytopharm Plc (Huntingdon,UK) signed an agreement with O2h (Cambridge, UK, Ahmedabad, India) under which O2h will provide chemistry and ADME services to support drug discovery initiatives at Phytopharm.

Tim Sharpington, CEO of Phytopharm said "I have known O2h for a number of years and am aware of their extensive experience of providing chemistry and ADME support to virtual companies around the world. I look forward to this opportunity of working with them to advance our drug discovery pipeline."

"O2h has its roots in Cambridge, UK and has grown with support from the UK biotech sector to help accelerate drug discovery efforts of companies in USA, EU and Japan. It is our privilege to work with the experienced team led by Tim Sharpington, at Phytopharm." - Sunil Shah, CEO, O2h.

About Oxygen Healthcare Ltd

O2h is a 7 year old discovery services company co-located in Cambridge, UK and Ahmedabad, India. The Indian operations provide a high level of chemistry expertise while UK office provides project management support. Current clients of O2h include several top 20 pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies in the US, Europe and Japan. O2h adheres to the highest standards of performance with a particular emphasis on rapid interactive communications and delivery speed. Services provided by O2h include FTE-based synthetic chemistry, medicinal chemistry, computational chemistry, full services lab-units and ADME. Further information on O2h can be found at

About Phytopharm Plc

Phytopharm is a leading UK-based pharmaceutical development company developing novel therapeutic strategies to combat areas of high unmet need. Our commercially focused development projects have the potential to produce significant treatment advances in our target areas. More information about Phytopharm is available at

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