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- Ability for in-depth analysis of the latest data

OAG,, the industry's most accurate single source for airline schedules information, commercial fleets, analytical services and asset valuation support, has integrated its own metrics to the data just recently made public by the DOT's Bureau of Transportation Statistics.

OAG's Form 41 databases, which date back to 1968, contain traffic schedules filed with the DOT by U.S. certified airlines, including traffic by airline, aircraft type and origin airport (T1, T2 and T3 schedules respectively). OAG adds greater value to this data by merging it with Form 41 financial data in a special database containing more than 170 industry-accepted calculations to allow operational performance comparisons from one carrier to the next.

John Weber, Managing Director OAG Aviation, said: Airline financials just released for the third quarter of 2008 coupled with the traffic statistics represent the last 'normal' quarter before the triage on capacity began. We can now have a good look at what was happening across all U.S. carriers including many who were absent from DOT data for some time before the stress of the current economic crisis set in. We can see how Allegiant's strong overall performance has translated into healthy traffic figures for smaller airports, and we are examining up-to-date data at major airports served by carriers such as Alaska and Virgin America, including Los Angeles, San Francisco and Seattle.

OAG's front end software gives users access to customized data, with the ability to set up and run any in-depth data search with speed and ease. The information, which is categorized by balance sheets, income statements, employee counts and traffic schedules, enables a wide range of statistics and over 100 complex ratios to be retrieved in seamless time-series going back quarterly over the past 20 years or more, including:

-- Ratio of aircraft to flight deck and cabin crew -- Operating Revenues and Expense per block hour -- Average Transport Revenue per aircraft in fleet -- Costs and Revenues per Available Seat Mile -- Flight deck cost per block hour -- Total Flying Operations cost per aircraft type -- Fuel and Maintenance costs per block hour by aircraft type -- Average stage length, average passenger trip length, average number of seats per aircraft, average departures per aircraft, average trip fuel, fuel/mile and air speed. -- ...and more.

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