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Key take aways

- To describe US healthcare system - To identify the need of the health reform in the US - To analyze Obama's health reforms and other initiatives in health care sector - Analyze and discuss the benefits and challenges of Obama's health reforms - Impact analysis of Obama's health reform on the pharmaceutical, biotech and medical devices industry - To study the impact of Obama's health reforms on payers, providers and beneficiaries consumers of the US healthcare system - Analyze the impact of various provisions of Obama's health reform - Economic impact of Obama's health reform

Report description

The US healthcare system ranks 37 among health care systems of about 200 worldwide countries ranked by World Health Organization. US health care system is considered as one of the most expensive healthcare system in the world, spending about 16% of its GDP on healthcare. However the rising healthcare costs and increasing health premiums rates along with high number of uninsured people (about 47 million i.e. 16% of the total population) are among the significant factors contributing to the need of health reform in the US. Health reform in the US is looked upon as an initiative towards provision of qualitative and affordable health coverage for all Americans, decrease in rising burden of healthcare costs and improvement in quality efficiency of health care. Obama has signed health reform in to law, recently in March 2010, to improve the inefficiencies of the existing health care structure. The health reform bill outlays several provisions such as universal health coverage, cost containment, increase in insurance market competition, excise tax on medical device manufacturers and lower drug costs for Medicaid and Medicare are few to mention. Thus the provisions in the health reform directly and indirectly impact the US healthcare/pharmaceutical industry and its stakeholders.


The report will enable understanding of following key areas related to Obama's health reform

- Obama's Health reform bills (Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act and Health Care and Education Reconciliation Act on 2010) and other health initiatives (Children's Health Insurance Reauthorization and American Recovery and Reinvestment Act) - Impact of Obama's health reforms provisions on the US healthcare/pharmaceutical industry - Impact of Obama's health reforms on the several healthcare industry stakeholders (payers, providers and consumers) and medical devices, biotech pharmaceutical drug manufacturers and suppliers

Stake holders

- Companies such as medical devices, drug and devices RD, pharmaceutical and biotech - Healthcare service providers such as hospitals, medical centers and medical associations. - Health Coverage providers such as employers and private health providers


Each of the section will provide market data, key findings and strategic analysis related to US healthcare structure or Obama's health reforms. In addition the report also provides impact analysis of Obama's health reform on the US healthcare industry from different prospective such as impact on healthcare industry stakeholders, drug medical device manufacturers and impact analysis of several provisions of health reforms on healthcare/pharmaceutical industry. Secondary research will progress through both paid and unpaid sources. We will conduct primary research to provide in-depth understanding of the healthcare structure in the US and impact of Obama's health reforms on the healthcare/pharmaceutical industry.

Table of Contents 1. Introduction 1.1. Key Take Away 1.2. Report Description 1.3. Stakeholders 1.4. Research Methodology 2. Summary 3. Market Overview 3.1. Overview of Health Care System in the US 3.2. Healthcare reforms in the United States 3.2.1. Agenda of Obama's health reform 3.2.2. Analysis of Benefits and challenges of Obama's health reform 3.2.3. Impact of Obama's health reform on the US healthcare/pharmaceutical industry 3.3. Debate on Obama's health reform 4. US Healthcare system Overview 4.1. Healthcare Structure 4.1.1. Reimbursement and financing Public healthcare insurance Private health coverage 4.1.2. Regulatory environment Health Care Laws Regulating Bodies The Center for Devices and Radiological Health (CDRH) US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) 4.2. Healthcare Expenditure 4.2.1. Total Healthcare expenditure 4.2.2. Per capita healthcare expenditure 4.2.3. Health care budget and health reform 4.2.4. Obama's Stimulus Package for health sector 4.3. Issues with the US healthcare system / Need of the health reform 4.3.1. Rising Healthcare Costs 4.3.2. Unaffordable health insurance 4.3.3 Uneven health coverage 4.3.4. Others 5. Obama's Health Reform 5.1. Obama's proposed strategies for health reform prior to health reform bill formation 5.1.1. Expansion of public health coverage 5.1.2. Changes in private health coverage 5.1.3. Premium subsidies to individual and employers 5.1.4. Tax Reform 5.1.5. Others 5.2. Obama's initiatives in health care 5.2.1. Obama's health reform Key elements of Obama's health reform Affordable healthcare Improvement in quality and efficiency of healthcare Prevention of chronic diseases Wider health coverage Others Health reform Bills Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act Health Care and Education Reconciliation Act on 2010 Key differentiating factors Health Reform Implementation Timeline 5.2.2. Other health initiatives Children's Health Insurance Reauthorization American Recovery and Reinvestment Act 6. Impact of Obama's health reform provisions on the US healthcare/pharmaceutical industry 6.1. Insurance market reforms 6.2. Reducing premiums for affordable Coverage 6.3. Small employer tax credit 6.4. Affordable Choices for small businesses 6.5. Cost Containment 6.6. Health Insurance Exchange 6.7. Improvement in Medicaid 6.8. Decrease in Waste, Fraud and Abuse 6.9. Biologics Price Competition and Innovation Act 6.10. Others 6.11. Impact of Health Reforms on healthcare industry stakeholders 6.11.1. Providers Hospitals Physicians 6.11.2. Payers Public insurance Private coverage 6.11.3. Consumers / Beneficiaries Families Seniors Women Racial and Ethnic minorities Rural population Children Others 6.12. Impact of Health Reforms on healthcare/ pharmaceutical market 6.12.1. Medical devices/equipment manufacturers and suppliers Excise Tax Increase in business cost and competition Competitive bidding programs for suppliers Accelerate new platform technologies Others 6.12.2. Pharma and Biotech Drug manufacturers Lower drug prices through Medicaid and Medicare Rebates for new formulations of brand name drugs Increase inspection and compliance costs New approval regulatory pathway for biosimilars Approval of generic drugs Others 7. Conclusion on Obama's health reform 7.1. Economic Impact of Obama's health reform 7.2. Brief on holistic impact analysis of Obama's health reform on the US healthcare system

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