AMSTERDAM and MUMBAI, December 15 /PRNewswire/ -- Eurostar 2009, a three-day Software Testing expo, hosted in Sweden - starting November 30, 2009, ended on a euphoric note. The success of the event has been evident, looking at the overwhelming response received for global IT companies for their Software testing services. Omnitech InfoSolutions , India's leading business availability and business continuity provider was in the league with other leading software testing companies that got acknowledge by the software testing professionals in the European region.

Through Eurostar 2009, Omnitech InfoSolutions created a platform to showcase its Testing 2.0 offering suite. The Keyword Driven Framework (KWDF) which is a key component of the Suite attracted the maximum attention. KWDF is a collection of best practices, processes, scripts and tools for successful test automation for European software testing teams. This initiative has further helped the company to strengthen its presence in Europe for its software testing services.

Commenting on the occasion, Mr. Anurag Shah, CEO - Technology Services, Omnitech InfoSolutions Ltd said, '

The exhibition at Eurostar 2009 has now grown to become one of the largest and most popular software testing exhibition in the world, with over 1000 testing professionals showing their interest level through participation. The event saw a gathering of industry leaders across the globe, addressing the needs for software testing services in Europe. We are very excited by the response our solutions have received at the Expo and are quite confident to work closely with various European companies to enable them to implement Test Automation in a practical, time based a very cost effective manner.

About Keyword Driven Framework (KWDF)

The company's Keyword Driven Framework (KWDF) is a collection of best practices, processes, scripts and tools for successful automation testing. Omnitech employs tried, tested and proven KWDF methodology for its customers to ensure deployment of right tools, skills, appropriate planning of activities and setting up of right communication channels which reduces risks and communication over heads and drives test automation success and early ROI. Omnitech has worked extensively with customers for their test automation needs and has achieved success in driving the results.

About Omnitech InfoSolutions Ltd

Omnitech InfoSolutions Ltd is India's leading business continuity and disaster recovery services provider. The company offers a complete range of Business Availability Services which includes Infrastructure Management Services, Application Management Services Performance Management Services. Omnitech also specializes in Business Continuity Services, which include DR Consulting Management, Data Vaulting Services and Workplace Recovery Services. Turnkey IT solutions like Server Storage Consolidation, Virtualization, Network Integration Solutions and Data Center Management Solutions are also covered by Omnitech.

Company business is spread across the US, Canada, UK, Belgium, Netherlands, Bahrain and Japan. The client base encompasses sectors like BFSI (Banking, Financial Services and Insurance), Manufacturing, Utilities, Services and IT ITES organisations.

Omnitech is the first Indian IT company to start third party managed workplace recovery center in India through - Omnicentre. The company aims to open a chain of DRMS centers globally to provide business resilience of Workplace, Data and Systems. For more information please visit the global corporate website: -

For further information contact:

In India Mr. Ayan Mitra Head- Marketing Omnitech InfoSolutions Limited, +91-98923-98289

In Netherlands Mr. Sanjay Mishra Europe Omnitech Technology Services BV., +31626517635

SOURCE: Omnitech Infosolutions Limited

CONTACT: For further information contact: In India Mr. Ayan Mitra Head-Marketing Omnitech InfoSolutionsLimited, +91-98923-98289; In Netherlands Mr.Sanjay Mishra Europe Omnitech Technology Services BV., +31626517635