LONDON, May 12 /PRNewswire/ -- Early results from The 2008 Orgasm Survey ( indicate that all is not well in the bedroom!

If asked "How was it for you darling?" (see viral at most women would probably respond "Not very interesting, thank you!"

The half-term report for the bedroom gymnastics class can best be summarised as 'Must try harder'. And when it comes to the final analysis (and most women don't!), there is no doubt that men need some 'skills training'.

For example, of the 350 respondents to date, nearly 30% of sexually active women have NEVER had a vaginal orgasm during penetrative sex and over 20% have NEVER had a clitoral orgasm during penetrative sex. Fewer than 15% are ALWAYS satisfied - which makes it all seem a very one-sided affair.

Luckily help is at hand, and 80% of women regularly climax by self-stimulation.

But women members of the team need to answer the key question "Am I fit for sex?"

Women who rated their pelvic floor as 'good' or 'very good' are three times as likely to achieve a vaginal orgasm as those that don't, and those who claim to exercise their pelvic floor regularly are twice as likely to achieve a vaginal orgasm compared to those who don't exercise.

Of those respondents who completed the survey after using the PelvicToner exerciser, 62% reported a better sex life within 2 weeks, 82% within 4 weeks. And 62% said 'yes' to the question 'Has your partner noticed a change in your muscle tone?' One lady in Oxford did not tick yes or no but noted "Haven't asked, but he's keen to have sex more often!"

And vaginal orgasms are very much an age thing - younger women just don't get them as much as older women. And it was women from 35 upwards that definitely saw the greatest benefit from PelvicToner exercises.

The aim of The 2008 Orgasm Survey, [|] is to seek the views of 100,000 women and the results will be announced to coincide with National Orgasm Day, 31 July.

Up to the minute results and statistical analyses could help you flesh out an article and help promote the survey. All you need do is and an html print out of the latest results will be yours.

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Research by Emmanuele Jannini published in New Scientist Feb08 seems to perpetuate the myth that 9 out of 10 women cannot achieve vaginal orgasm, in this case because of an anatomical defect. Using ultrasound, Jannini found a 'thickening of the tissue' in the vaginal wall in women who could achieve vaginal orgasm. The vast majority of women do not have this 'thickening' which he says explains why they cannot find their G-spot and do not get vaginal orgasms.

This is clearly the same tissue that Arnold Kegel, of the eponymous pelvic floor exercises, referred to in work published in 1952 when he identified a clear link between a well developed pelvic floor muscle (ie a thickening of the muscle wall tissue) and the ability to have a vaginal orgasm. He didn't have access to ultrasound but he physically measured the strength that women had in their pelvic floor and stated categorically that there seemed to be a link between strong muscle tone and the ability to achieve orgasm. In his research, women who thought they were sexually dysfunctional were shown by Kegel how to exercise the pelvic floor correctly against a resistance. Over 2/3 of them achieved orgasm for the first time!

The UK manufacturers of the PelvicToner vaginal exerciser have laid down a challenge to millions of women who want to improve their sex lives and users are being asked to complete the Orgasm Survey 'before' and 'after' completing the initial exercise programme.

The PelvicToner exerciser meets all the exercise requirements identified by Arnold Kegel by helping women to identify and isolate the correct pubococcygeal muscle and then exercise it correctly by squeezing against a resistance. Exercising in this way helps the brain and vagina link together to appreciate the sexual experience by building the appropriate neural pathways. Sex specialists confirm that using the PelvicToner leads to more frequent orgasms of greater intensity because the exercise improves blood flow and increase nerve endings.

The PelvicToner costs GBP29.99 from or +44(0)117-968-7744

A transcript of an interview with Barry Fowler, 'The man who wants to give every woman a better orgasm', is available on request.


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