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- Deal Will Double the Global ad Network's Ability to Reach Target Audiences Over Scandinavia's Hottest Lifestyle Site and Social Network

Oridian, Ltd., the largest privately owned advertising network, and Swedish lifestyle and social network G life AB, today announced a joint venture. Under the terms of the agreement, G life, through its subsidiary Livsstilsnatverket, will act as agent for Oridian in Sweden, with exclusive license to sell online advertising over the Oridian network in the region.

Oridian is one of the top 10 international advertising networks worldwide with reach that exceeds 140 million unique users per month - more than 80 million in the EU alone. Oridian bridges between advertisers and publishers around the world, bringing international advertisers to publishers, and quality global media to advertisers overall. Oridian represents many world famous publishers. Facebook Application Page, Bebo, and WAYN (Where Are You Now) amongst them.

G life, headed by Johan Kinnander, the former president of, is part of Scandinavia's hottest online lifestyle magazine and social network. G life (subsidiary) ad sales organization Livsstilsnatverket operates an online ad sales network, working with lifestyle sites such as,,,, and, as well as websites such as,,,, and

Johan Kinnander, CEO of G life AB said today, "G life's ad network Livsstilsnatverket is a major player in the local market and agreement with Oridian enables our advertisers to go farther afield, reaching readers both inside and outside Scandinavia with targeted local advertising to better serve their needs. For its part, Oridian's advertisers gain access to the Livsstilsnatverket network's 1.8 million unique users per month, mostly young men and women aged 15-29 with disposable income, and a taste for luxe living and having fun."

Jacob Nizri, CEO of Oridian, added, "Our strategic partnership with G Life will serve 2 market needs: firstly our market reach in Sweden, already an impressive 23% or 1.25 million unique users per month, is due to double - a boon to any advertiser wishing to reach this very affluent market, and secondly we will enable G life's publishers to carry ads that are relevant for readers outside Scandinavia by using Oridian global sales network. It's a 'win-win' deal for the online advertising world".

About Oridian

Oridian - Online Media Solutions, is the leading privately owned global online advertising company that lifts both advertisers and publishers to new heights. With over 9 billion monthly impressions, a massive worldwide inventory and access to tens of millions of users on various continents, Oridian enables advertisers to implement highly effective network-wide branding as well as direct response campaigns, and allows publishers to monetize traffic from all over the world. The Top-10 network with access to over 180 million monthly users worldwide, of which 40 million are in North America and 87 million are in Europe, Oridian maintains international headquarters and a development center in Israel, sales offices in North America, Latin America, Argentina, France, Germany and the UK, and representatives in Australia, Belgium, Italy, Scandinavia and The Netherlands. Oridian is a part of the Ybrant group, parent company of some of the fastest growing digital marketing companies. For more information:

About G life

Online media group G life AB, owns and operates some of Sweden's hottest online lifestyle magazines and social networks, developing community platforms and running lifestyle communities. G life, through subsidiary Livsstilsnatverket, operates an online ad sales network, working with lifestyle sites such as,,,, and, as well as club sites such as,,,, and For more information: and

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