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- Textil-DNA From Schoeller Can Reveal Within Seconds

The damage resulting from counterfeit products worldwide is estimated at euro 200 to 300 billion*. It is no longer just a question of copying good designs. Fakes and copies of technical products call the safety of these products into question and, consequently, product liability claims are increasing. At Techtextil in Frankfurt, the Swiss technology company, Schoeller, presented the Textil-DNA project for the first time.

The innovation is called DNAtex(TM). According to current assessments, it is suitable for use on the entire spectrum of the textile production chain, including chemicals, fibers, textiles and consumer products, such as clothing or bags. With DNAtex(TM), we can give a product a 'unique ID'. Based on this unique feature, it can later be clearly identified, explains Hans U. Kohn, COO of Schoeller Technologies AG.

Clarity within seconds

How do you recognize a fake textile effect, fiber, jacket or bag? DNAtex(TM) clearly and quickly recognizes fakes using a small electronic scanner. Kohn says, You scan the identified product and it looks for this 'unique ID' and emits clear signals: 'real' or 'fake'. Counterfeits are detected immediately. Checks of this kind can be carried out at customs, for example, so that counterfeit goods cannot even get into circulation. According to Schoeller, DNAtex(TM) was originally developed to protect the company's own fabrics and technologies, in which a lot of time and money are invested. Then we realized that we might be looking at a small sensation, continues Kohn. It is not just about designs or ideas that are copied. Above all, product safety and, therefore, the topic of product liability, is of concern to companies today. *Source:

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