BOSTON, November 21 /PRNewswire/ -- ORSYP, worldwide provider of Enterprise Job Scheduling solutions, today announced that it will exhibit at HP Software Universe 2007 in Barcelona, Spain, from November 27th to 30th 2007. At booth # C11, ORSYP will feature its flagship IT Automation Solution, an HP Certified Smart Plug-In designed for the HP OpenView product portfolio.

ORSYP's comprehensive job scheduling solution for OpenView systems extends the capabilities of OpenView by centralizing job scheduling and management for the entire enterprise. The ORSYP job scheduler provides unified end-to-end IT automation thanks to its true cross-platform, cross-application technology, creating a seamless enterprise-wide workflow that brings customers gained efficiencies and increased productivity. Unique on the market with its service-oriented (SOA) and event-driven (EDA) architecture, ORSYP's solution enables IT organizations to deliver innovative and flexible service that responds to changing business needs.

ORSYP Vice President of Sales, Marketing and Alliances Christophe Unrug has been invited by HP to give a technical tutorial about the role of a service-oriented job scheduler in modernization initiatives. The presentation will be given on November 28th at 11:45 a.m. in room P1-129.

The ORSYP stand (booth # C11) will welcome customers, partners and prospects to view demonstrations of its job scheduling software as an extension of the HP OpenView suite.

About ORSYP (

ORSYP was founded in 1986 with the single focus of delivering best in-class IT automation solutions using cutting-edge technology. Over the years ORSYP has established a worldwide reputation for business-friendly job scheduling and job management solutions and excellence in customer care. ORSYP continuously strives to innovate in this area with solutions that are practical for today and tomorrow's IT and business needs.

Companies around the world-from Global 500s to small independent companies- use ORSYP job scheduling software to modernize and standardize IT automation enterprise-wide. By providing one standard automation tool across the enterprise, more processes can be automated and managed; improving IT operations productivity, reducing costs, and enhancing IT service delivery to the core business. With more than a thousand customers, ORSYP flagship solution, Dollar Universe(TM), provides a key IT infrastructure component to companies in industries such as retail, banking, insurance, manufacturing, telecommunications, and services.

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Press contact: Sophie BLOCH (, ORSYP EMEA Headquarters, Tour Franklin, La Défense 8, 92 042 Paris la Défense, +33-1-47731742, +33-1-47731210; Sophie BLOCH (, ORSYP Americas Headquarters, 54 Middlesex Turnpike, 01730 Bedford MA, USA, +1-781-276-4600, +1-781-271-0947