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EPM Live, the leading Enterprise SharePoint Project and Work Management solution, announced today that Pertemps People Development Group (PPDG) selected EPM Live to manage their projects In The Cloud or a Software + Service (S+S) hosted online environment.


PPDG selected EPM Live to manage their projects through an online deployment using a S+S model. Some of the challenges the PPDG team faced included inadequate communication collaboration among teams and a lack of visibility to changes impacts of schedule updates.

CARLSBAD, California, March 24 /PRNewswire/ --


- Lack of project workload visibility to program team - Need for roll-up reporting from individual projects to the program level - Varying process and procedures, and program management maturity across the organization

PPDG on Software + Service (S+S)

Andy Pettigrew, ICT Director: PPDG Ltd., commented, Adopting an EPM solution via the S+S model permitted us to run a cost effective pilot in order to gain buy-in from the business without the initial capital outlay of an in-house implementation. Once successful, the EPM Live S+S model gave us the added ability to rollout to our user base at our own pace. In addition, not only have we been able to leverage the benefits of a leading EPM solution provider like Microsoft but we have also benefited greatly from the value added services of EPM Live as our S+S provider.


eNable Consultancy Ltd., who specializes in Project Management and best business practices in Project Implementations, worked with PPDG to establish their requirements for a technical solution. PPDG used the services of eNable Consultancy Ltd. to help ensure that the process of selection and adoption of an EPM solution went smoothly and was in line with the cultural needs of PPDG Ltd. eNable Consultancy Ltd. is a strategic partner with EPM Live and uses the EPM Live product to help their clients with implementations that require:

- Individual Project Sites become principal status update mechanism - Dashboard reporting for immediate project status - Web based project planning and updating - Risk management and custom reports - Document management for contract deliverables - Multiple levels of roll-up reporting (Geographical, Organizational) - Program Management roll-up reporting for management decision support

EPM Live identified a solid solution leveraging Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 and EPM Live. The combined solution provides tools to manage projects at varying levels of the enterprise while layering strategic project decision-making functionality. Since collaboration is one of the most important aspects of their projects, EPM Live identified a simple way that would allow multiple organizations, contractors, and suppliers to collaborate on all PPDG wide projects and programs.

In addition, this solution provides advanced visibility and control of program wide project portfolio investments. Executives, Program Managers, and Functional Managers have access to business critical information that they require to make strategic business decisions and manage project portfolios. Using this solution, PPDG's decision-makers can monitor project performance, visualize trends, and manage resources across the organization.

Sean King, Project Manager: eNable Consultancy Ltd., said, Working with a forward thinking client like PPDG and a solution focused supplier like EPM Live has made the EPM Implementation Project a pleasure to work on.


Through the use of EPM Live, the Project Implementation Department is able to focus their time on using their skills, experience, and expertise rather than their leg work in having to continuously micro-manage the administration side of projects. We are experiencing significant benefits in time saving, decision-making, and progress reporting across the whole of our Project Portfolio when conducting project reviews with our teams, said, John Downing: Project Implementation Director, PPDG Ltd.

- Centralization of planning and execution data for consistent portfolio reporting and analysis - Increased collaboration and accountability among teams - Visibility into key projects and resource utilization across the organization - Flexibility to meet unique management business requirements - Control of projects and resources as business and conditions change - EPM Live's Online/S+S deployment option allowed PPDG to leverage Microsoft Office SharePoint; Cost Effective, Low Risk, and Increased Adoption and Success Rate

About PPDG

PPDG is a member of the ESH Group - one of the world's leading providers of Welfare to Work, training and recruitment services to an extensive number of Government and private companies across Australia and the United Kingdom.

Established in 2003, PPDG delivers an extensive portfolio of employment initiatives and skills development programmes, from an expansive network of 38 Advancement Centres across three major regions of the UK - North East, North West and West Midlands - employing 800 people.

PPDG provide professional preparation and diagnostic solutions, together with advanced job-matching technology, that delivers cost effective, tailored recruitment solutions. PPDG's dedicated Employment Coaches have assisted in excess of 100,000 long-term unemployed individuals into sustained employment and trained over 130,000 people in vocational skills - with more than 175,000 people benefiting from the professional information, advice, and guidance services.

CARLSBAD, California, March 24 /PRNewswire/ --

PPDG Highlights

- Recognized as one of the top 100 companies in the UK to work for in the prestigious annual Sunday Times contest (23rd out of the 100 selected- 997 entrees) - PPDG received Two Star Status in the Best Companies Accreditation 2009 (selected from 795 organizations) - Supported over 60,000 people into job and training opportunities - Advancement Centres located within the heart of the communities they serve - learndirect courses to help clients to gain nationally recognized qualifications - A free, time-saving recruitment service to offer businesses

About EPM Live

EPM Live empowers organizations to manage their work, how they work. By allowing groups to work in multiple environments at the same time, EPM Live provides complete flexibility by integrating different processes, requirements, and methodologies. EPM Live gives executive level visibility across these sites through enterprise level dashboards, extending the reach of Project Management to provide a complete solution for your entire organization.

EPM Live is an easy to use and affordable software and services solution that helps organizations manage work more efficiently. EPM Live is an easy solution to implement. We offer pre-built best practice templates to get you started today. EPM Live is lower in risk than other software implementations because we give you the power to choose how you will deploy EPM Live; online or onsite. EPM Live is also 100% built on Microsoft SharePoint-Based Software, which is proven to facilitate ease of use and implementation in any environment.

EPM Live ( is a leading provider of project and work management solutions built on the Microsoft SharePoint platform. EPM Live's mission is to provide cost-effective, collaborative tools that help teams work together effectively, increase their efficiency, achieve higher levels of ROI, and drive success. EPM Live is privately owned and headquartered in Carlsbad, California.

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