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When times are tough and you're trying to make every penny count, it's more important than ever not to fall into the trap of making false economies when cutting costs on gardening equipment.

Renowned Recycler lawnmower manufacturer Toro says it regularly sees buyers make this mistake. With the onset of spring and the grass starting to grow, those in the market for a new mower may try to make do with a cheaper electric version, but - lo and behold - after only a few weeks of work, find they regret their decision not to buy a more powerful and robust petrol mower better suited to their requirements and lawn size.

That's why this year Toro is encouraging consumers to weigh up the pros and cons of electric versus petrol mowers. Electrics are fine for pocket-handkerchief lawns, but if you have a larger lawn, particularly with slopes and any awkward areas, plus aren't always able to mow as often as you'd like and so are left with a harder job on your hands, chances are that a petrol lawnmower is the wiser investment.

Thankfully, Toro has recently strengthened its petrol lawnmower range with the launch of two brand new models in time for this mowing season.

New and improved for 2009 is Toro's 55cm Steel Deck pedestrian petrol mower, which now benefits from an innovative blade brake control for improved safety and convenience - once the user lets go of the Operator Presence Control, the blade comes to an immediate stop without the need to stop the engine. This powerful yet efficient mower also features improved grass bag fixings, which make bag removal and attachment even easier.

Also joining the line-up is the all-new Direct Collect Timecutter Z, a zero-turn riding mower that packs a punch with its 585cc Kawasaki twin engine and is perfect for large lawns and grassed areas up to two acres. Zero-turn technology allows the mower to turn on a sixpence, anywhere between zero and 360 degrees, so that it can zip around trees, flowerbeds and other garden obstacles to achieve a close trim and perfect finish.

Both models also feature Toro's famed Recycler technology, which is available across the company's mower range. By chopping grass cuttings into tiny particles and then firing them back into the lawn, these clever mowers dramatically reduce garden waste while giving a valuable nutrient and moisture boost for a healthier sward.

Time saved collecting and disposing cuttings also reduces mowing time by up to a third while the Recycle-On-Demand function allows users to switch instantly between Recycler and conventional mowing should you wish to bag or collect cuttings, or the grass is too long for recycling.

Toro invented its patented technology in the late 70s and, through continuous research and development, has led the field ever since. The technology uses a unique Recycler rotary cutting action that makes the machines so superior to ordinary mulching mowers.

Look under the deck and you'll see the special high-lift blade and strategically positioned 'kickers', or deflectors, which are at the heart of the Recycler technology. Together, they produce ultra-fine clippings that, when injected deep back into the turf, break down more quickly and return moisture and nutrients to the soil.

Other petrol mowers in the Recycler range include the walk-behind Multicycler models, which are ideal for small to medium gardens and represent Toro's most cost-effective petrol-powered option. All three mowers in the range boast a 48cm sturdy steel cutting deck as well as easy-adjust handles for a comfortable mowing position.

As well as freeing you from the constraints of a cable, by investing in a petrol lawnmower with superior build-quality you'll benefit from a longer lasting machine that also costs less in the long-term. What's more, thanks to Toro's Recycler technology you can also expect fertiliser and irrigation cost savings and could dodge garden waste disposal costs by recycling grass cuttings back into your lawn.

So the message is: make sure you don't regret buying a small electric mower that's simply not 'man enough' for the job. Instead, buy the best petrol model you can afford to make light work of even the toughest mowing jobs for years to come.

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