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- esXpress Enhances Virtual Applicance for Backup/Restores Benefiting VMware

PHD Virtual Technologies (, provider of the
pioneering esXpress (
data protection and recovery solution for virtual machines, today announced that
esXpress has been extended to support VMware vSphere 4. This new release of
esXpress version 3.6 also includes significant enhancements for all versions of
VMware’s ESX platform version 3.0.2 and above. An optimized deduplication
engine dramatically increases backup speeds and fuels performance for file-level
restores, as well as VMDK restores and data archival via a Windows Share.

PHD Virtual’s esXpress was the first solution to truly take advantage of
virtualization by intelligently using the virtual machine to back itself up,
said Dave Bartoletti, senior analyst and consultant, Taneja Group. With new
support for vSphere, esXpress is a scalable, cost effective backup solution
which can protect virtual environments without additional hardware or software

esXpress, with new support for vSphere 4, performs backup and recovery using
the virtual environment itself. By creating virtual backup appliances (VBAs) -
small virtual machines - the solution can be deployed in minutes on VMware
servers, and provides the most scalable environment for backing up virtual
machines. New performance enhancements include:

-- Improved file level restore speeds are now up to four times faster -- Data
Restoration and Archival via Windows’ Shares are now up to four times
faster -- Improved PHDD deduplication image-level restore speeds up to twice as
fast -- Accelerated deduplication engine provides initial backups that are
seeded at double the previous rates

esXpress continues to support up to 16 concurrent backup/restore streams per
host and all backups can be self-restored without using esXpress or other
proprietary virtual machine infrastructure. esXpress’ block level backups
are de-duplicated source side, ensuring data is compressed and deduped before it
every leaves the host. This ensures that network traffic is kept to a minimum
even while backing up over a WAN link.

Along with now supporting VMware vSphere 4, we continue to enhance
esXpress’ performance so that all customers can benefit from these
performance improvements in any VMware environment, 3.0.2 and above, said Joe
Julian, executive chairman, PHD Virtual. esXpress continues to simplify backup
and recovery for virtual machines while lowering costs by reducing hardware
requirements. This helps organizations relying on their virtual infrastructure
to receive unprecedented economies of scale, simplicity and management.

Pricing and Availability

esXpress 3.6 supporting VMware vSphere 4 is currently available in small
business and enterprise versions. Pricing starts at US$1,000 per host with
unlimited number of sockets. For more information or to download a trial
version, please visit

About PHD Virtual Technologies

The pioneer of Virtual Backup Appliances (VBAs), PHD Virtual Technologies has
been transforming data protection for VMware since 2006. Its award-winning data
protection solution, esXpress, is used today by more than 1,600 enterprises
worldwide to achieve scalable, high availability and cost effective backup and
restore solutions for VMware. In 2008, esXpress was named Data Protection
Product of the Year by PHD Virtual also provides
a suite of free, virtualization utilities to assist with the administration and
management of virtualized environments. PHD Virtual supports global resellers
through its Channel Xpress partner program and is a proud VMware Technology
Alliance Partner. For more information, please visit

SOURCE: PHD Virtual Technologies

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