SEBASTIAN, Florida, December 10 /PRNewswire/ -- PHM International, Inc. (, a worldwide healthcare consultancy, has announced the launch of the Global Health Access(R) Network (GHAN), a Web-based cooperative network of private hospitals and clinics around the world.

Healthcare facilities in developing economies face a range of unique challenges, from financing and regulatory issues to the critical shortage of workers, says Hank Kearney, CEO of PHM International. Finding solutions to these challenges requires an open exchange of ideas and information. GHAN is the first and only online platform that facilitates this exchange among healthcare executives across the globe.

With nearly 3,000 members already, GHAN targets private hospitals and clinics in emerging markets such as Russia, Brazil, India, China, Africa, Eastern Europe and beyond. The online community offers an interactive, confidential environment where healthcare leaders can network with other executives, participate in teleconferences and online chats with industry experts, search an extensive online research library, and find job openings. GHAN members also get direct access to PHM International advisors who specialize in a variety of relevant areas, including hospital expansion, finance, business development, and medical tourism.

GHAN empowers hospital and clinic executives to stay current of new trends and developments and stay connected to other thought leaders, Kearney says. In doing so, they are better positioned to establish the thriving, well-managed facilities that attract patients, qualified talent, and investors. PHM International is thrilled to bring GHAN to the global healthcare stage, and we look forward to helping our members build sustainable success.

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