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The PIDX International North Sea Forum was held on July 9 in Aberdeen, Scotland, offering an opportunity for the North Sea's independent oil and gas operators to share best practices on eCommerce. The Aberdeen meeting was the largest regional forum to date. Approximately 50 company representatives from various operators and suppliers shared experiences and best practices with eCommerce to help enhance their current business processes.

The next meetings will be held in London on November 7, 2008, and in the Middle East shortly following.

The Aberdeen PIDX forum presented success stories on implementation solutions to improve visibility of spending, reduce costs, gain greater efficiency, and improve business processes. Discussions included ideas for expanding the use of best practices further into energy industry processes.

"We heard from a variety of practitioners on implementations and use of the standard PIDX transactional documents to enable automated, secure and cost effective transactions," said Dave Wallis, OFS Portal's Europe Africa Middle East Representative. One example was Chevron's case study, which showed a dramatic increase in handling invoices received with little human intervention.

Industry participants shared lessons learned and best practices. A panel including representatives from Chevron, sparesFinder, Schlumberger, ENI, Shell, and Hubwoo led a conversation on approaches for gaining maximum benefits from eBusiness implementations. Presentations ranged from exploring eInvoicing solutions, to end-to-end procurement, to pay implementation for a large national oil company. Additionally, the participants were exposed to a variety of best practices reaching from internal change management processes to global eProcurement developments.

"People want the benefits of eCommerce, and PIDX promotes the forums to ensure access to all trading partners looking for ways to achieve the many benefits of eCommerce," said Chris Welsh, Chairman of PIDX Europe and managing director of Eiro Consulting. "We invite all to attend our meetings or contact us."

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The Petroleum Industry Data Exchange, PIDX, is API's committee on Electronic Business Standards and Processes formed to develop and promote the implementation of electronic standards for the oil and natural gas industry.

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