BRIGHTON, England, February 2 /PRNewswire/ -- Enterprise surveys reveal more than 20% hidden waste in physical resources and workforce time spent on workplace-related assets. Buildings create an enormous ecological footprint by consuming more than 45% of commercial energy resources. Planon's Green Workplace Economics(TM) concept centers on gaining profit through cost savings while simultaneously improving environmental sustainability.

Corporate real estate and facilities managers are pressured to identify immediate cost savings in the face of a major economic crisis, an enormous environmental challenge and a technological revolution leading to rapidly evolving workplace concepts. Legislation and corporate social responsibility drive enterprises to achieve a sustainable reduction of their CO2 footprint. Increasing workforce flexibility requirements represent potential for simultaneously accomplishing both goals.

The new Green Workplace Economics(TM) concept ( answers those challenges with three factors: Eliminate waste, Align need, Improve agility. All three are adopted in four primary Planon Integrated Workplace Management System (IWMS) solutions: Corporate Real Estate, Smart Workplace, Maintenance Management and Integrated Services Management.

Corporate real estate managers improve performance by aligning real estate strategy and operations with financial, operational and environmental goals. Effectively managing the increasing workforce flexibility creates a smarter, efficient workplace to reduce costs and simultaneously improves the sustainability footprint.

A 'just in time' and 'fit for purpose' approach to maintenance management enables cost-effective, undisturbed operations, minimizing unplanned downtime and steering effective maintenance. Last but not least, an integrated management solution effectively renders employee RE, FM and IT services, supporting primary processes and enhancing workforce satisfaction.

About Planon:

Planon is a global leader in Integrated Workplace Management Systems software with a global reach specialising in the convergence of Facility Management, Corporate Real Estate, Services Management and Maintenance Management disciplines. In business for nearly 25 years, Planon possesses a wealth of professional expertise and experience in these areas and advises organisations on operational, tactical and strategic levels. Planon has a significant presence with six regional offices in the United Kingdom, US, the Netherlands, France, Germany and Belgium.

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