EMMEN, The Netherlands, November 27 /PRNewswire/ -- Plastinum Polymer Technologies B.V., the municipality of Emmen, N.V. NOM and Emmtec Services B.V. held a joint press conference this afternoon to announce that Plastinum has opened a new production line for the recycling of post consumer mixed plastic household waste. The opening will generate production capacity of 10,000 tonnes per year, creating roughly 25 direct and 20 indirect new jobs. UWV Werkbedrijf in Emmen played an important part in filling the vacancies.

Speeches by Nils Berten (COO of Plastinum Polymer Technologies B.V.), Gezienes Evenhuis (a member of the Emmen municipal executive), Sander Oosterhof (Investment Manager at N.V. NOM), Hermann Toebes (director of NUON / Emmtec Services B.V.) and Janny Vlietstra (a member of the Drenthe provincial executive) were followed by the grand opening of the production line.

Plastinum has been based at the Emmtec Industrial and Business Park in Emmen since the end of 2006 and has been working on the development of a revolutionary new technology to produce a new product from mixed household plastic waste. Its newly developed technology Blendymer(TM) produces Infinymer(TM), a new thermoplastic material.

The company's decision to base itself in Emmen was made in close consultation with N.V. NOM, the municipality of Emmen and Emmtec Services B.V. NOM has since taken a minority shareholding in Plastinum. The company also received support from the Drenthe Innovative Action Programme 2008-2010 and SenterNovem in developing the new technology.

Plastinum Polymer Technologies Corp., listed on the OTC Bulletin Board(R) (OTCBB) , holds the patent rights to this mechanical process for mixing immiscible plastics. The new technology, developed in Emmen, is a world first.

All of the parties are delighted with developments at Plastinum, which are making an important and innovative contribution to the development of the regional economy and to employment.

There will also be environmental benefits: plastic waste can now be fully recycled and no longer needs to be landfilled or incinerated.

SOURCE: Plastinum Polymer Technologies B.V.

CONTACT: For more information please contact: Cathalijne Meijer, Marketing Communication Manager at Plastinum Polymer, Telephone no.:+31(0)6-22-22-42-08, Email: cmeijer@plastinum.com