ROUBAIX, France, April 1 /PRNewswire/ -- To coincide with the launch of Intel's latest generation processor, OVH is offering an HG 2009 Revolution server with an integrated Xeon Nehalem from the American giant.

As a preview, and on the same day as the release of the new processor, OVH is offering its clients the opportunity to discover the technological advances of the Nehalem through an exclusive half-price offer (quantities are limited).

OVH launches its new high-end server offering: the HG 2009 Revolution, based on the new Intel processor. Among its many advantages, it is more eco- friendly and yet more powerful (up to 16 simultaneous tasks), multi-cored and multi-threaded.

Since its creation in 1999, OVH has pioneered the energy efficiency of its datacentres and servers. Within this environmentally-friendly perspective, the Intel Xeon 5500 is today's best technological response to the increasing demand for performance and diverse functionalities, explains Octave Klaba, MD of OVH.

Customers are looking for server platforms that are able to meet the new needs of virtualization and cloud computing. But they are also concerned about the energy consumption that counts for the major part of the fixed monthly cost of a server. This new processor goes further than the previous generation of processors in terms of response to these dual performance needs.

On March 31, OVH customers can get a taste of this new performance capability and incontestable innovation with a preview offering of the stock that OVH was able to procure on the day of the release of the new Intel product.

About OVH

Founded in 1999 by Octave Klaba, OVH is an independent French company based in Roubaix (Northern France). It is the leading hosting company in France and the second largest hosting company in Europe (source: Netcraft).

Its biggest asset? Great value for money, unequalled on the market, that makes it THE reference for Internet stakeholders.

With many significant technological advantages, such as an exclusive server cooling system, OVH has always coupled a focus on innovation and performance with an ecologically and environmentally friendly approach.

It also hosts a number of radio stations and the largest network of games servers. OVH set a new challenge for itself recently in the field of telephony.

Well established in the global market, OVH's expertise extends to Europe and beyond with a dozen existing subsidiaries and others to come.


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