SAN DIEGO, June 1 /PRNewswire/ --

Pure Play Music is an entire music infrastructure that allows an artist to self market their own music through Pure Play's unique and expansive global distribution network. Pure Play has introduced something that will completely change the way unsigned, emerging artists and indie acts get their music played commercially. Pure Play Music provides independent artists with access to broad new distribution channels to introduce their music to the world -- and monetize it.

Ricall operates the world's largest online music research and licensing marketplace. Pure Play Music will become Ricall's largest provider of unsigned music content. Utilizing Ricall's proprietary service will bring together emerging artists and licensors of music to facilitate the use of emerging artist's music for any business use, from brand sponsorship to ads, mobile phones to games, TV programs to films, and website to in-store audio. Every day, worldwide, across multiple platforms, millions of people are listening to music licensed via Ricall. Under the terms of the agreement, Ricall will provide PPM licensing services via its global web based music licensing platform. Emerging artists will have the chance for their music to be used in advertising, television and promotional opportunities.

Alex Grange, CEO of Pure Play Music said, Our relationship with Ricall has had great success and we have placed music with some major brands including, Sega, Warner Everwood, UEFA Champions League and Oral B. We have now committed to supplying 240,000 tracks through the Ricall channel and believe we can continue our successful placement of our artists' music.

Richard Labrum of Pure Play Music, +1-619-471-4097,