ORLANDO, July 21 --

- Individuals Certified in 43 Countries, Organizations Sending Employees in
Large Numbers

The QAI Global Institute (http://www.qaiglobalinstitute.com), after having
established the international standard for Software Quality and Software Testing
Certifications including the Certified Software Quality Analyst (CSQA) and
Certified Software Tester (CSTE), announced that they have certified in excess
of 35,000 professionals worldwide in 43 countries including Australia, Brazil,
Canada, Hong Kong, Israel, Korea, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Pakistan,
Puerto Rico, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, UK, Thailand, Philippines and the US.
Also, the partnership between QAI and Prometric allows the software
certifications to be available in 135 countries, thereby increasing the reach
and frequency of the examination even more, making them market leaders in this

Software certifications (http://www.softwarecertifications.org) are
increasingly being taken up by large organizations to give their employees
global recognition. Accenture has over 2000 and Infosys has 4400 professionals
certified, which is testimony to the growing trend. These certifications are
taken to consistently assess the employee’s skill sets. For example, the
certifications are aligned to the career progression of a testing professional.
The first level certification is Certified Associate in Software Testing (CAST).
Post completion of CAST, individuals can focus on being a Certified Software
Tester (CSTE). Subsequently, individuals can apply for a managerial
certification Certified Manager of Software Testing (CMST).

Tom Ticknor, COO, QAI Global Institute said, The recognition of the CSTE and
CSQA certifications by many of the world’s largest IT organizations has
greatly increased the value of the certifications. In fact, many corporations
require the CSTE or CSQA for continued employment. Mr. Ticknor went on to say,
the longevity of the program has allowed many of the CSQA’s and
CSTE’s to reach high management levels in their organizations and
encourage their staff to become certified.

About QAI:

QAI is a leading global consulting and workforce development organization
addressing ’Operational Excellence’ in knowledge intensive service

QAI Global Services, the consulting division of QAI, addresses the space of
Operational Excellence which includes the areas of Process Management, Quality
Management, Innovation, Project Management, IT Service Management and others.

QAI Global Institute, the Competency Development division of QAI, focuses on
creating international Education and Training products and services to address
the Competence Development, Assessments and Certifications to cater to the large
pool of manpower.

QAI is currently servicing over 200 clients in 30 countries and our regional
bases are located in US, India, UK, China, Singapore, Malaysia and Canada.

Tom Ticknor +1-407-363-1111 tticknor@qaiworldwide.org


Tom Ticknor, +1-407-363-1111, tticknor@qaiworldwide.org