ESPOO, Finland, March 29, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- The provider of victorious mobile analytics offering, CEM4Mobile, is changing its name from QAim Group to CEM4Mobile Solutions Ltd. The decision follows the success of company's CEM4Mobile product line which is recognised as the most accurate and leading solution in its field.

Last year CEM4Mobile ( was featured in several product reviews and outperformed Google Analytics, Adobe's Omniture and Bango in an independent survey. The survey analysed 53 different aspects and compared how well the different analytics products apply to measuring the usage of the fast growing mobile content services from a business development perspective.

Mobile services experiencing phenomenal growth

Mobile content market has witnessed phenomenal growth and is poised to grow by triple digit numbers every year the next five years. Related mobile devices, networks, content technologies and use-cases for services are evolving faster than ever before. For analytics providers all this means not weekly but daily surveys and updates to the detection capabilities as at the end - what really matters in mobile analytics is quality of the data and accuracy of the analysis provided, says Aalto, the CEO of CEM4Mobile Solution Ltd.

CEM4Mobile statistics

CEM4Mobile is an innovative mobile analytics product line with strong focus on Customer Experience Management. The offering has been particularly designed for companies providing mobile content and Value Added Services (VAS) across all of the industry's verticals enabling them to understand mobile user's behavior, handset capabilities, location, values and opinions as well as market trends.

CEM4Mobile Analytics supports browsing, application and streaming based mobile services boosting the following statistics as of today:

- 889.000 different user-agents for handset model, browser and robot detection

- support for 6.303 different mobile handsets including tablets

- commonality analysis on 497 handset details across all handset models

- able to detect 700 operator networks across the world

- able to detect 54 mobile browsers as well as all relevant PC browsers and robots

- detects the access points used (Internet APNs / WAP-GWs)

- supports traffic analysis from operator networks and WI-FI networks

- very accurate IAB approved Unique User Detection achieved through four parallel techniques

- both measured and perceived Customer Experience analysis

- traffic analysed from 211 countries across the world

Product information:

Study by Kwantic Oy:

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CEM4Mobile Solutions Ltd (ex QAim) is a Finnish world-class expert in Customer Experience Management (CEM) for mobile content and value-added services. We provide mobile network and industry vertical independent CEM4Mobile solution and services for companies large and small, which develop, produce or distribute mobile services. CEM4Mobile offering enables companies to measure and analyse data on the interaction between end-users and mobile services, optimise their business and ensure successful customer relations.

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