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- Cystinosis Foundation Ireland to Host Event June 27-28, 2008

Raptor Pharmaceuticals Corp. ("Raptor" or the "Company") (OTC Bulletin Board: RPTP), today announced that Ted Daley, President of Raptor's clinical division, will present at the Cystinosis Foundation Ireland's 5th International Cystinosis Conference to be held June 27-28, 2008 at the Hilton Hotel, Dublin City, Charlemont Place, Dublin 2, in Dublin, Ireland.

World experts in the field of Cystinosis and families affected by Cystinosis attending the event can discuss Mr. Daley's presentation between 3:45pm and 5:30pm in the conference hall on Friday, June 27, 2008, during the poster and round table session of the conference.

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Cystinosis is an inborn metabolic error characterized by abnormal transport of cystine, an amino acid, out of the lysosomes. Symptom onset typically occurs within the first year after birth, when cystine crystals accumulate in various tissues and organs, including the kidneys, brain, liver, thyroid, pancreas, muscles and eyes. Failure to treat the disease can cause serious health consequences, including renal failure and resultant kidney transplant, growth failure, rickets, photophobia and blindness.

In collaboration with the University of California, San Diego ("UCSD"), supported by the Cystinosis Research Foundation ("CRF"), Raptor is developing a delayed-release version of cysteamine bitartrate ("DR Cysteamine") for the treatment of Cystinosis. Cysteamine bitartrate, a cystine-depleting agent, is the only Cystinosis treatment approved for sale by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration ("FDA") and the European Medicines Agency ("EMEA").

Although it can delay or prevent kidney transplant in Cystinosis patients, the current formulation of cysteamine bitartrate is not well tolerated by many Cystinosis patients, who experience severe gastrointestinal distress from the drug. Additionally, the strict, current four times daily dose regimen means that Cystinosis patients must be awakened every night to take the medicine. These side effects and frequent dosing requirements result in non-compliance or skipped doses for many patients. Studies have shown that non-compliance with the current cysteamine bitartrate dose regimen can lead to deteriorating kidney function and other complications.

Based on safety and efficacy studies performed at UCSD, Raptor believes that Cystinosis patients could benefit from a more convenient and superior treatment alternative utilizing DR Cysteamine.

Mr. Daley stated, "We are pleased to have been invited to present at the International Cystinosis Conference. I look forward to sharing results from studies performed at UCSD with a delayed-release form of cysteamine bitartrate which suggest that DR Cysteamine has the potential to become a safer and more effective treatment option for Cystinosis patients and could resolve current non-compliance issues prevalent in this patient population. These findings are supported by the Cystinosis Research Foundation's survey results on the challenges patients face in complying with the current drug's frequent dosing requirements, which I also plan to present. Our goal is to improve the quality of life of the Cystinosis patients and their families."

Raptor plans to initiate an expanded study of its final proprietary DR Cysteamine formulation in collaboration with the UCSD clinical researchers in 2009.

About Cystinosis Foundation Ireland and the International Cystinosis Conference

Cystinosis Foundation Ireland was set up in 2003 to support Cystinosis patients and their families. The goal of the Foundation is to raise awareness about Cystinosis and support research through its fundraising efforts. The International Cystinosis Conference takes place every two years in Europe. In addition to world experts in the field of Cystinosis, the conference attracts Cystinosis patients and their families who want to hear the latest research in this rare lysosomal storage disease.

About Raptor Pharmaceuticals Corp.

Raptor Pharmaceuticals Corp. ("Raptor") consists of a preclinical division and a clinical division, which together form a continuous set of specialized competencies to develop Raptor's pipeline of drug product candidates from early stage to clinical stage through to commercialization. Raptor's preclinical division bioengineers novel drug candidates and drug-targeting platforms derived from the human receptor-associated protein ("RAP") and related proteins, while Raptor's clinical division advances clinical-stage product candidates towards marketing approval and commercialization. Raptor's initial clinical programs include the treatment of aldehyde dehydrogenase ("ALDH2") deficiency, nephropathic cystinosis and non-alcoholic steatohepatitis ("NASH").

Raptor preclinical programs target cancer, neurodegenerative disorders and infectious diseases. HepTide(TM) is designed to utilize engineered RAP-based peptides conjugated to drugs to target delivery to the liver to potentially treat primary liver cancer and hepatitis. NeuroTrans(TM) represents engineered RAP peptides created to target receptors in the brain and are currently undergoing preclinical evaluation at Stanford University for their ability to enhance the transport of therapeutics across the blood-brain barrier.

Raptor's clinical division executes the clinical development of: 1) Raptor's internally developed product candidates; 2) new chemical entities in-licensed for mid-to-late stage clinical development; 3) currently approved drugs with potential in additional indications; and 4) treatments that may be repurposed or reformulated for greater efficacy or convenience for their currently approved indications.

Raptor currently has eight patent applications under review in the U.S. and abroad, as well as four provisional patent applications in the U.S. In addition, Raptor has licensed two provisional patent applications from Washington University and one patent application and one provisional patent application from UC San Diego.

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