LONDON, June 16, 2010 /PRNewswire/ -- Whether it is half term, a weekend or holidays it is so important to ensure that you give your children the chance to be active inside or out especially when the weather allows you too. the healthy active living site has pulled together some top ideas to entice your children away from the TV and the computer screen giving them a chance to let off steam.

Park Life - The chance to head to the park to the playground really brightens up a boring day. Walking too and from the park, playing games such as hide and seek and the chance to explore allows children to have little more freedom in a controlled environment. Ooh and it's free too!

Treasure Hunts - Normally associated with Easter you can use this game all year round with different prizes. Simply make up teams pair children with parents, and then get hunting. With the excitement of looking for clues and finding prizes everyone will forget they are exercising.

Activity Trips - Heading to the zoo or a farm for the day is a great way to spend a whole day doing an activity. Walking around an attraction for the day will be enough to wear out parents, let alone children.

Hit a Play Barn - These indoor play centres have sprung up all over the place nowadays and offer a great opportunity for children to have a load of fun running around obstacles all indoors. Generally parents get a good work out too trying to find their little ones amongst a room filled with sponge, balls, and rope.

Fun Run - Obviously not suited to younger children but there are so many fun runs around that you are bound to find one in your area. They offer a great way for a whole family to be involved. Enjoying exercise in a non-competitive way, and children love medals and rewards. Even if you've got a younger child who wouldn't be able to compete you can ensure they get involved by cheering on from the sidelines on your shoulders.

Sports Matches - Getting involved in a sport from an early age is so important. For children getting involved with a sport that has matches, and games at weekends is a great way to motivate them to practice and get more involved. They don't have to be involved in school teams they could play at local clubs and participate in a whole range of different sports.

Cycling - A fantastic fun filled way to get exercise. Plan your routes around parks and places to stop and have a rest, little one's can be strapped into seats on the adults bikes, slightly older kids can enjoy cycling on their own and challenge their parents to a race! If you don't own your own bikes there are plenty of places to hire them from.

Kicking a ball - A kick around in the garden or the local park - is an age old favourite. You can't beat running around with a ball with families of children of any age whether it's a football, rugby or even just a tennis ball - get out there and practice some ball skills!

Swimming - Swimming or just even playing in your local pool provides loads of fun and entertainment. A great family workout that brings a smile to everyone's face especially on holiday on the beach!

There is no excuse to be staying inside and being a couch potato family. Kids will love to be doing something different especially as ideas like these are all fun and you can make them even more special with your own special touches like including a picnic on your walk or cycle ride. There is no need for the word boring to be included in your children's vocabulary when discussing their weekend!

For more information on getting active, and leading a healthy active lifestyle visit or contact Fiona Gibbins on +44(0)20-7202-7982 or email


CONTACT: For more information on getting active, and leading a healthyactive lifestyle visit or contact Fiona Gibbins on+44(0)20-7202-7982 or email