LONDON, May 20, 2010 /PRNewswire/ -- As the summer approaches do you make the most out of our time off? Do you maximise your lunch hour and time off after work? How do you revitalize yourself to make sure you feel on top of the World? Many of us forget about the small things that can instantly change the way you feel and only involve minimum impact and cost. the healthy active living website suggests a few small ways to reinvigorate your regime.

Go for a run - this had to be in our top list of things to do either during your lunch-break or after work. Running is one of the best forms of exercise not just for getting fit but for weight control too. A running break away from your desk will leave you with boundless energy for the afternoon.

Hit the gym - Many gyms offer shorter classes to accommodate the lunch-time market, a quick spin class or a yoga class could relieve any tension, and leave you totally refreshed for the afternoon and ready for the evening ahead.

Music for the Mind - As you head to work in the morning listen to upbeat music something a little more rousing to shake off any sleepiness and prepare you for the day ahead. As you leave work play music that will relax and de-stress you from the daily pressures surrounding work. Listening to calming music on your journey back should have the impact of shaking off work anxiety.

Power Walking - heading out on a power walk will definitely give you a boost throughout your day. It relieves stress, tension and enables you to lose calories quickly.

Book a holiday - Sorting your next holiday will completely reinvigorate you and give you a focus over the forthcoming months. Once you're booked you can look at getting fit for your holiday, you can't head to the beach without feeling your absolute best?

Take the Plunge - Half an hour's swimming burns off 300 calories and is great for improving you all over body shape. You'll feel totally alive when you have had a quick session in your local pool. Or if you're lucky enough to have an open-air lido or open water pool near you then head there this summer and experience something a little different.

Do things you enjoy - In the evenings head to your favourite restaurants and maximise the time you have with your friends and family. Leave work behind for the day and concentrate on what you like doing best! has many articles on leading a healthy active lifestyle. All are aimed at ensuring that you get the most out of life. The site offers advice and top tips on everything you could possibly imagine; health fitness, getting involved in sports, diet and nutrition and active travel and encourages you to discuss everything online via their communities and motivate others to do the same;

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