CHAM, Switzerland and LONDON, November 2 /PRNewswire/ -- Earache Records have partnered with RapidShare for the promotion of Gama Bomb's new album, Tales From The Grave In Space. From 5th November 2009 all songs will be available from, powered by RapidShare. Earache and Gama Bomb's aim is to grow the overall fanbase of the band and promote the sales of the CD box released in February 2010 as well as concert ticket sales through the more widespread distribution of the music. The independent UK record label also wants to remain at the cutting edge of the digital future of the music industry.

We're giving the album away for free as a natural progression, Philly Byrne, singer of Gama Bomb, comments. It's an open-handed gesture that reflects the room the download revolution has created in the music business: the label is up for it, which would have been impossible 10 years ago. Also, it's a box-breaker for us: taking away the many restrictions of a physical-only traditional release opens us up to a new and wider audience. More people will hear the music and enjoy it and talk about it, and if that leads to them helping us out by buying a t-shirt or coming to a show, so be it. We're making our own kind of history here, and it's exciting. It's an open road, so let's go.

Digby Pearson, Founder and Managing Director of Earache Records says: Actually the cost saving of distribution through the internet is a big incentive for us. Piracy is not a problem, because if a fan passes on the download link it can also be seen as free promotion for the band. In the future we expect digital music to be ubiquitous and the payments made to the artists or those who look after the artists to be small but consistent.

We are pleased to help Earache Records support Gama Bomb's new album and explore new ways of marketing, explains Bobby Chang, COO of RapidShare. We believe that the ability to spread electronic content fast and easily will become one of the keys to success as consumers devote more and more time to the internet.

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Earache Records is one of the few truly independent global record labels, has 20 year history of providing extreme music and boasts an impressive back catalogue of 450 albums.

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RapidShare AG distributes digital information to companies and individual clients. Data can be uploaded into a system in a few easy steps and then made available for users to download. RapidShare AG was founded in 2006 and has its headquarters in Cham, Switzerland.

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CONTACT: Contacts: Talita Jenman, Earache Records Ltd.,Tel.:+44-207-240-5002, E-Mail:; Bobby Chang, COORapidShare AG, Tel.: +41-41-748-78-88, E-Mail:;Katharina Scheid, Company Speaker RapidShare AG, Tel.: +41-41-748-78-81,E-Mail: