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- Redline to Feature Voice, Video and Data Communications via RedMAX 4C (TM) Mobile WiMAX System

Redline Communications Group Inc. ("Redline") (TSX and AIM: RDL), a leading provider of WiMAX and broadband wireless infrastructure products, will feature a live demonstration of its RedMAX 4C(TM) Mobile WiMAX products at Gitex Technology Week from October 19 to 23 in Dubai, UAE.

Redline's RedMAX 4C(TM) Mobile WiMAX demonstration will include the SC-1000 multi-application base station platform, and the WiMAX Forum Certified(R) RedMAX 4C RPM subscriber unit. The RedMAX 4C SC-1000 delivers cost advantages by giving operators the flexibility to meet a variety of deployment scenarios including standard and distributed indoor and outdoor coverage all managed via Redline's RMS (Redline Management System).

The Company will also feature the latest additions to its RedMAX 4C(TM) Mobile WiMAX and RedCONNEX(TM) product families. Visitors can see the Redline RRH (Remote Radio Head), the smallest, lightest and highest output power Mobile WiMAX radio available on the market today. The RRH provides operators with significant cost savings due to the radio's ease and speed of deployment and its lightweight form factor. Redline will also feature the RedCONNEX MAX+ AN-80i, which is designed for deployment by WIMAX spectrum holders around the world as a complementary offering to Redline's award winning RedMAX and RedMAX 4C Mobile WiMAX products.

"The RedMAX 4C Mobile WiMAX family offers tremendous flexibility for network design and carrier business models," said Kevin Suitor, Vice President of Marketing and Business Development, Redline Communications. "The latest addition to the RedMAX 4C solution is the RRH, our high capacity base station radio that supports up to 500 users per sector and is the lightest and highest range WiMAX radio available today."

Redline has worked with operators throughout the GGC, its WiMAX products have been deployed by more than 166 carriers worldwide and it is the first company to deliver a complete WiMAX Forum Certified System(R) for its RedMAX family of WiMAX based products. The RedMAX 4C, Redline's Mobile WiMAX products, includes the RedMAX 4C RPM WiMAX certified subscriber unit which supports a wide range of fixed, portable and mobile wireless services including data, voice and video services.

RedMAX 4C(TM) Mobile WiMAX

The RedMAX 4C(TM), which is based on the WiMAX industry's 802.16e-2005 standards for mobile WiMAX, supports a wide range of fixed, portable and mobile wireless services including support for Voice and Video over IP, broadband Internet access used to support highly valued education, medical, transportation and municipal applications, VPNs (Virtual Private Networks) and other advanced communications services. The RedMAX 4C(TM) Mobile WiMAX platform is designed to enable operators to maximize the reach and customer density required for a profitable carrier business model. The RedMAX 4C(TM) includes a modular, standardized micro TCA (micro Telecommunications Computing Architecture) chassis base station that is small, lightweight and easy to deploy. RedMAX 4C(TM) will also include a suite of indoor and outdoor fixed and portable end-user devices including laptops, mobile handsets and PDAs. Redline's new WiMAX offering is also designed to facilitate the integration of its existing RedMAX(TM) products with its RedMAX 4C(TM) technologies, providing operators a path to true mobility.

Redline's RedMAX(TM) Family

Redline's RedMAX(TM) family of WiMAX solutions includes the world's first complete system to receive the WiMAX Forum Certified(TM) mark for conformance to the WiMAX standards for performance and interoperability. Redline's carrier-class RedMAX(TM) Base Station (AN-100U) supports voice, video, and prioritized data traffic, enabling long-range, high-capacity wireless broadband networks. Redline's WiMAX products also include the RedMAX(TM) Indoor Subscriber Unit (SU-I) and Outdoor Subscriber Unit (SU-O) designed for enterprise and residential services. The RedMAX(TM) Management Suite enables operators to monitor and control the network, ensuring high service availability. Redline is maintaining its WiMAX leadership with the expansion of its RedMAX(TM) family to include products for additional frequency bands, applications and standards.

About Redline Communications

Redline Communications ( is the leading provider of fixed and mobile standards-based wireless broadband solutions. Redline's RedMAX(TM) WiMAX Forum Certified(TM) system, RedMAX 4C Mobile WiMAX(TM) products, and its award-winning RedCONNEX(TM) and RedACCESS(TM) families of broadband wireless infrastructure products enable service providers and other network operators to cost-effectively deliver high-bandwidth services, including voice, video and data communications. Redline is committed to maintaining its wireless industry leadership with the continued development of WiMAX and other advanced wireless broadband products. With more than 100,000 installations in 85 countries, and a global network of over 170 partners, Redline's experience and expertise helps service providers, enterprises and government organizations roll out wireless broadband networks to support advanced communications.

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For further information: Redline Communications, Carolyn Anderson/Chantelle Bani,, Tel: +1-905-479-8344; Equicom Group, Craig Armitage/Vanessa Beresford,, +1-416-815-0700; Canaccord Adams, Neil Johnson/Andrew Chubb, Tel: +44(0)20-7050-6500