BRIGHTON, England, May 18 /PRNewswire/ -- Driven by the global credit crunch, enterprises are forced to find new ways for immediate cash savings. In addition the pressure for sustainable buildings, energy control and CO2 reduction is huge. The new Planon suite-release 2009 offers new functionalities to meet these requirements.

Potential for cost reduction

Buildings contribute more than 35% to global CO2 emissions. Market research shows that on average today's workplaces are occupied only for 50%. In a downturn economy this offers huge potential for short term cost reduction, to save money for your core business, and to become much more flexible in supporting the company's workforce.

New functionality

Planon's Hotelling solution supports flexible workplace concepts resulting in improved utilizations and corresponding space-, travel-, energy-, and cost reductions. Full integration with Microsoft Outlook(TM) for reservations eases the accessibility to meeting rooms, e-conferencing, and shared facilities to reduce time consuming, expensive, and CO2 producing travels. New mobile solutions for Professional Field Services support 'just in time' maintenance to meet legislation, efficient resource utilization, and greener buildings.

Sustainable standards

The adaptation of sustainable standards like LEED and BREEAM complete Planon's support in Green Building initiatives.

Green Workplace Economics(TM)

Organisations need to eliminate waste, align services demand, and improve organisational agility in Corporate Real Estate and Facility Management processes to meet cost reduction and simultaneous greener operations. Planon now unites all these goals in a concept called Green Workplace Economics(TM).The concept centres around gaining profit through cost savings while simultaneously improving environmental sustainability. The concept Green Workplace Economics(TM) is more and more adopted by the market and enables Planon to continue huge its RD efforts (18% of turnover) to support organisations in executing cost reduction programs and green operations.

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About Planon

Planon is an independently owned provider of software and consultancy services. Planon optimises and automates support processes for departments such as Facility Management, Corporate Real Estate and IT Services, as well as service provider processes. The goal is the efficient, integral organisation of services, infrastructure, buildings and resources. With its new Green Workplace Economics(TM) concept, Planon capitalises on the necessity for many organisations to save costs and simultaneously achieve sustainability objectives. Planon is active in 14 countries, with offices in the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, France, the USA and India. Planon serves more than 1300 clients worldwide.

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