LONDON, June 19 /PRNewswire/ -- As part of the industry day of action planned for 2nd July, the Road Haulage Association will be joining forces with other protest groups, primarily to support the Fuel Price Regulator amendment to the Finance Bill (expected to be debated at that time) and also the seek the introduction of an Essential User Rebate.

The lobby will commence at 11.30am in Old Palace Yard (opposite the House of Commons) until approx 1.00pm after which time members will be seeking meetings with their MPs to highlight the issues in person.

The Fuel Price Regulator seeks to offset the increase in VAT receipts received by Government as a result of the rising price of fuel with a corresponding reduction in fuel duty and would, the RHA believes, help stabilise fuel costs for hauliers.

"This is a unique oppportunity for the industry", said RHA Chief Executive Roger King. "It was always our intention to lobby Parliamentarians in support of the Regulator on the day the debate was expected to take place. Our information is that this will be 2nd July which is why we are combining with others to make the maximum impact.

"This lobby goes beyond merely seeing MPs and demanding help. This time we can actually focus on a debate about our industry and ask for positive support and I am delighted that the RHA has played such an imrportant part in getting this debate heard".

In addition to publisising the amendment, the event also provides the perfect opportunity to promote the plight of the haulliers in Parliament and call Government to account over what it proposes to do. "We also want to highlight the difference between petrol and diesel prices which we think is worthy of close scrutiny by Government," concluded Roger King. "We want to see changes made to ensure parity of price between the two".

The Association has circulated a specimen letter to all members for them to send to their constituency MP. This is also available from the RHA website

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For more details, contact RHA Head of Communications, Kate Gibbs on Tel: +44-(0)1932-838917, Mob: +44-(0)7979-531451