STOCKHOLM, November 17 /PRNewswire/ -- Ribbon Print, one of England's leading providers of ribbon printing equipment, has launched a new service Pickle My Data. The service provides a simple and quick solution for backup and storage of photos, video, music and other files.

All information that is uploaded to Pickle My Data's service is stored by Diino, who also developed the system that Ribbon Print uses for Pickle My Data. Diino is a Swedish company specialising in online backup and storage.

An astonishing number of our customers have called this year following viruses and hard drive failures having lost all of their data. For us and our customers this is a highly important, value added service and we will be informing all of them. In addition we have launched the Pickle My Data brand to provide data storage services to new customers, both residential and business, with very attractive pricing. We therefore expect to quickly generate increased revenues over last year. Says Catherine Castle, Managing Director of Ribbon Print. The trend is clear, both consumers and businesses want a simple, quick and secure way to protect their information, which is why an automatic online backup service is the obvious choice. The additional capability of being able to securely access their files from any internet access point is an added bonus.

For Ribbon Print the partnership with Diino, means we can offer our customers secure storage of photos and other important documents.

The end user feels that is a natural action to purchase this service from someone they already have a relationship with or who has a strong brand name. It is in line with Diino's strategy to expand with this type of partner. We are very satisfied that Ribbon Print has become our partner in England under the Pickle My Data brand and are looking forward to a successful partnership, says Jan Nilsson, CEO at Diino.

Available from November 16, 2009

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