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- Third Sedo-hosted auction in 2007 series offers names for leisure and sports verticals as well as alcohol-related names like vodka.mobi, tequila.mobi and wine.mobi

In its last "premium name" auction for 2007 -- starting Wednesday, Nov. 28 -- dotMobi will release 100 names of interest to leisure and sports brands around the world. The auction, which closes on Dec. 5, will be hosted by Sedo.com, the leading online marketplace for buying and selling domain names and Web sites.

This is the third auction of premium names by dotMobi. The first two dotMobi premium name auctions generated more than US$1.6 million, demonstrating the high demand for the type of mobile-ready content delivered by .mobi domain names.

The latest auction features a selection of sports names, including clubs.mobi, games.mobi, soccer.mobi, and sports.mobi and also leisure names like florists.mobi, photos.mobi, movies.mobi, and videos.mobi. Additionally, several beverage-related premium names will be auctioned, including beer.mobi, tequila.mobi, vodka.mobi and wine.mobi.

dotMobi premium names are a set of more than 5,000 commonly used words that dotMobi set aside during its formation. dotMobi is the first domain company to offer these selected premium names via an auction process.

"The success of our premium name auctions continues to show the strong demand for custom web content -- not just repurposed .com content," said Trey Harvin, CEO of dotMobi. "Over the past year, we've seen an explosion of mobile-specific content being delivered via .mobi domains from brands around the world. Brands have learned that they can reach their on-the-go customers more effectively with web content designed for mobile delivery. There is no doubt that the growth that we saw in 2007 will continue to rise exponentially in 2008."

Tim Schumacher, CEO of Sedo, said, "The verdict is in and the mobile Web is here to stay, as clearly demonstrated by these first dotMobi auctions. The success of the auctions far exceeded our expectations, and we look forward to seeing the innovative ways that dotMobi will allocate additional premium names in 2008."

Any company or individual may bid in this auction. The rules of this auction follow Sedo's standard auction terms and conditions with additional dotMobi requirements for buyers. Full information, including the list of auction names, is located on the dotMobi Web site at http://premiumauction.mobi.

About dotMobi

dotMobi (the informal name of mTLD Top Level Domain, Ltd.), a consortium based in Dublin, Ireland with offices in Washington, DC and Beijing, is leading the growth of Internet use from mobile phones with the .mobi domain name. Unique among domain name providers, dotMobi ensures that services and sites developed around .mobi are optimized for use by mobile devices. On-the-go consumers can have confidence that an Internet site or service will work on their mobile phones when using a .mobi address.

dotMobi is backed by leading mobile operators, network & device manufacturers, and internet content providers, including Ericsson, GSM Association, Hutchison 3, Microsoft, Nokia, Orascom Telecom, Samsung Electronics, Syniverse, T-Mobile, Telefonica Moviles, TIM, Visa and Vodafone. dotMobi is also a sponsor of W3C's Mobile Web Initiative.

For more information on dotMobi domains and registration information, visit http://dotmobi.mobi. Visit the dotMobi blog at http://blog.mobi.

About Sedo

Sedo, an acronym for "Search Engine for Domain Offers," is the leading online marketplace for buying and selling domain names and websites. Headquartered in Cambridge, Mass., Sedo has assembled the world's largest database of domain names for sale, with more than seven million listings. The success of Sedo's model has attracted a global membership base of more than 350,000 domain professionals. Sedo is majority-owned by AdLINK Group (ISIN DE0005490155 / German WKN: 549015), which is part of the German United Internet AG (ISIN DE0005089031/ WKN 508903). Sedo offers regional versions of its site for the UK (Sedo.co.uk), France (Sedo.fr), Germany (Sedo.de), and Spain (Sedo.com).

For additional information, please visit www.sedo.com.

For more information, please contact: Vance Hedderel dotMobi +1-703-485-5563 vhedderel@mtld.mobi Danielle Siemon A&R Edelman for dotMobi (US) +1-650-762-2947 danielle.siemon@edelman.com Sasha Manners Edelman for dotMobi (Europe) +44-20-7344-1504 sasha.manners@edelman.com Kate Donahue Director of Marketing Sedo +1-617-499-7260 kate@sedo.com

Web site: http://www.dotmobi.mobi

Vance Hedderel of dotMobi, +1-703-485-5563, vhedderel@mtld.mobi; or Danielle Siemon of A&R Edelman, +1-650-762-2947, danielle.siemon@edelman.com, for dotMobi (US); or Sasha Manners of Edelman, +44-20-7344-1504, sasha.manners@edelman.com, for dotMobi (Europe); or Kate Donahue of Sedo, Director of Marketing, +1-617-499-7260, kate@sedo.com