LONDON, November 2 /PRNewswire/ --

- The Road Haulage Association urges the Chancellor to seriously reconsider any further increases in fuel duty as prices continue to rise.

According to the RHA's own weekly fuel price survey, today sees yet another hike in diesel prices with hauliers paying, on average, 85.70 pence per litre (ex VAT).

"These week on week increases are spiralling out of control," said RHA Communications Manager Kate Gibbs.

"For many years UK hauliers have been operating at a financial disadvantage to their foreign counterparts and these continual rises in the price of diesel are just making a bad situation worse.

"We had hoped that the Chancellor of the Exchequer would have had a greater understanding of our industry bearing in mind his previous position as Secretary of State for Transport; this is quite obviously not the case.

"The situation for many operators has now reached a critical point. If the proposed further increase of another 2 pence per litre goes ahead next Spring, many hauliers may be forced out of business, providing even greater opportunities for foreign operators, who already have an unfair advantage, to fill the gap.

"Our haulage industry is one of the largest employers and providers of freight services in the UK. The Chancellor should be giving our hauliers an incentive to carry on, but it seems that British operators are being penalised for trying to do no more than support UK plc."

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