SAN JOSE, California, November 17, 2010 /PRNewswire/ -- Roamware, Inc., a leading provider of roaming and Mobile Financial Services (MFS) solutions, today announced the availability of Dynamic Call Rating(TM), which enables mobile network operators to monitor and analyze mobile phone traffic levels for a specific location and offers customers incentives to use their phones during off-peak periods to maximize network capacity utilization.

Mobile operators are required to set up radio access networks (RANs) to provide mobile coverage for customers. RANs are designed to cater to peak loads, but at times can be highly underutilized due to people changing locations throughout the day, resulting in areas with low subscriber density during certain hours, such as residential areas left with a small number of users during working hours due to commute of mass to business districts.

Dynamic Call Rating offers discounts to encourage customers to use their mobile phones during low traffic periods to raise RAN capacity utilization. The service has the option of sending a data message to customers informing them about the level of discount available and the time period of the discount. Based on the network load analysis, the service offers a variable discount to subscribers using various communication channels like cell broadcast, SMS as well as on-demand query from the subscriber.

"Mobile subscribers expect quality mobile reception at all times, regardless of the location and mobile operators are continuously challenged by the need to invest in providing good coverage while also receiving a good return on investment," said Abraham Punnoose, vice president, marketing and business development at Roamware. "Dynamic Call Rating boosts call traffic by prompting users to use their phones more during off-peak times at a discounted rate, improving RAN usage and increasing overall revenue."

Dynamic Call Rating enables mobile operators to improve network resource utilization, improves subscriber affinity and increase voice revenue. The service benefits subscribers by providing spontaneous discounts the incentive to use their mobile phones for longer periods of time when the discount level is high.

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Roamware, Inc. is the leading provider of roaming and mobile financial services solutions with a customer base of over 480 mobile operators across 154 countries. The company is the global leader in mobile roaming solutions with an estimated 60 per cent market share of the voice and data roaming segments for GSM, 3G and CDMA technology platforms. Roamware m-commerce and mobile banking solutions have been successfully deployed by major banks and global operators around the world, including: Vodafone, Permanent TSB and Bank of Ireland. Its solutions range from credit transfers, international remittance, person to person transactions to top-up and bill payment. The company is headquartered in San Jose with operations in Brussels, Bangalore, Mumbai, New Delhi, Singapore, Dublin, Johannesburg, Amman and Hong Kong.

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