NEW YORK, March 9, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- ICAP Ocean Tomo ( - the global intellectual property brokerage firm - will be auctioning four "Covenants not to Sue" at its Spring 2011 Live IP Auction event on March 31st in New York City. Each covenant provides a purchaser with the freedom to operate in a specific field. At a time when IP considerations are becoming more important and more complex, a covenant may well be on its way to becoming one of the key instruments in an IP portfolio.

Offered by specific sellers and covering specific portfolios, a covenant provides high tech firms with increased freedom to operate in an efficient and expeditious manner without the worry of showing one's hand when negotiating with a Licensor, either directly or through a proxy, and avoids potential patent infringement claims, damages, or attorneys' fees.

Originally developed by Micron Technologies, Round Rock Research's portfolio of approximately 4,200 patents and pending applications spans the United States, and much of Europe and Asia, encompassing key technologies including:

-- Battery and power; -- CMOS imagers; -- Computers; -- Computer graphics; -- Computer networks; -- Display technology; -- DRAM; -- Flash; -- Memory; -- Microprocessors; -- O/S software; -- Ovonics; -- Semiconductor packaging; -- Semiconductor processing; -- RFID; and -- Telecommunications

Current licensees of the Round Rock portfolio include Apple, Sony, Samsung, Micron and Nokia. Each of the four covenants available at auction is applicable to a subset of the buying community, and provides potential purchasers with a quick and effortless means to obtain freedom to operate that is both wide ranging and comprehensive. For additional information on this opportunity please contact Dean Becker at +1-561-309-0011.

"We are currently litigating these patents, and are pursuing other infringers of the portfolio," said John Desmarais of Round Rock Research LLC. "The auction is an excellent opportunity for interested parties to easily acquire a covenant and avoid future litigation."

The ICAP Ocean Tomo Spring 2011 Live IP Auction will be held Thursday, March 31st at Capitale. The auction will begin at 1PM. There will be two preliminary events - a reception and dinner at Cipriani's on Wednesday night with featured speaker Malcolm Gladwell. There will also be a networking lunch at Capitale on Thursday at 11:30 just before the auction. Registration for this event is online at

Registration fee is $495 and includes all events.