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- New Version of Musicalc Features Seamless Integration with RoyaltyShare's Digital Sales Management Service

- Company Opens London Office to Support Expanding UK Business

RoyaltyShare, a premier provider of digital royalty solutions to the entertainment industry, today announced an enhanced version of its Musicalc royalty processing software that features seamless integration with RoyaltyShare's Digital Sales Management (DSM) service. This new feature allows Musicalc customers the ability to leverage RoyaltyShare's powerful tools for automated processing of digital sales files from more than 100 digital music services. The company also announced that is has officially opened its London office to provide better support for its European record label and publishing clients.

The combination of Musicalc and RoyaltyShare DSM gives Musicalc customers a painless solution for managing the complexity of digital sales processing. Musicalc customers simply upload digital sales files to RoyaltyShare and receive a consolidated sales file for each period. This sales file can be seamlessly imported into Musicalc. In addition, Musicalc customers who subscribe to RoyaltyShare DSM will also have access to powerful sales analytics that provide visibility and insight into their digital sales channels.

RoyaltyShare acquired UK-based Musicalc in June to expand its European operations and leverage the company's extensive expertise in the international music publishing space to support the development of publisher-specific applications for the RoyaltyShare platform.

"We are pleased to offer Musicalc customers the first tangible benefit from the acquisition," said Bob Kohn, Chairman and CEO, RoyaltyShare. "One of the biggest headaches of royalty accounting is dealing with the staggering volume and inherent complexity of digital sales data. RoyaltyShare can now take this burden completely off the shoulders of Musicalc customers, allowing them to spend time on more important activities."

"Throughout twenty-five years of developing royalty accounting software for record labels and music publishers, we have lived through a number of significant technological changes in the music industry, but none so dramatic as the recent shift to digital distribution," said Chris Palmer, director of product management for Europe at RoyaltyShare, and co-founder of Musicalc. "Digital sales have introduced a new level of complexity in royalty processing that requires new, scalable technology capable of processing high-volume, complex transactions. The RoyaltyShare platform will be an essential tool for our customers to manage royalty responsibilities and capitalize on digital assets."

As part of today's announcement, RoyaltyShare has opened its London office to house the combined Musicalc/RoyaltyShare operations and provide dedicated support to its European record label and publishing clients.

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