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- Combination of Content Management and Royalty Services Deliver End-to-End Support for the Digital Music Sales Cycle

(MIDEM, A2iM Booth # R36.18.) -- RoyaltyShare, a premier provider of technology services to the entertainment industry, today announced the availability of its new Content Management Service, a Web-based platform for managing and distributing digital music. The new service provides record labels and distributors with a cost-effective way to manage the complexities of the digital sales process, including metadata management, encoding and storage of music assets, delivery to retailers worldwide, and sales transactions processing. When combined with RoyaltyShare's powerful Royalty Processing Service, labels can literally manage the entire digital sales cycle through one system.

The RoyaltyShare Content Management Service is targeted to record labels and small distributors who are looking for an alternative to high costs and restrictions imposed by large digital aggregators. RoyaltyShare's service is unique because it offers customers an automated solution to the challenges of digital distribution, as well as the flexibility to maintain direct agreements with retailers.

"RoyaltyShare is applying a new business model to the digital music supply chain by enabling labels and niche distributors to work directly with retailers in order to bring their content to market," said Bob Kohn, Chairman and CEO, RoyaltyShare. "Digital Aggregators often lock independent record labels into multi-year contracts where restrictions keep their digital revenues tied up and barriers are established to keep the labels from having direct relationships with the digital retailers. By approaching the needs of record labels from a service perspective, the RoyaltyShare Content Management Service eliminates a layer and provides customers with the technology to take ownership of their digital business."

RoyaltyShare's Content Management Solution

The RoyaltyShare Content Management Service delivers the core services that record labels need to manage their digital content and sales, at a fraction of the cost of aggregators. The service provides labels with flexibility needed to respond to the changing digital landscape. Record labels using this solution have the ability to decide which services will be the most effective retailers of their digital content, and may choose to go through their own relationships or leverage RoyaltyShare's agreements.

Key Features include: -- Web-based metadata management and sales analytics tools -- An efficient and cost-effective way to encode, store, deliver and manage digital content -- Support for top-tier retailers such as iTunes, Amazon, eMusic, Napster and Rhapsody among many others -- Constant visibility into the distribution process through a Web-based platform -- Channel management by coordinating takedowns and corrections with retailers -- Monthly revenue reporting and cash flow -- Access to high bit-rate MP3 files of the label's entire catalog (for internal purposes) -- The ability to expand services to include consolidated artist and mechanical royalty processing

"Our customers have repeatedly expressed how the long-term agreements required by aggregators limit flexibility and accountability," said Steve Grady, President & COO of RoyaltyShare. "By enabling our clients to foster direct relationships at all points of the digital supply chain, RoyaltyShare helps labels to differentiate themselves when competing to sign new talent."

RoyaltyShare's services are used by more than 150 leading independent records labels and music distributors. These services feature a simple fee structure based on the volume of revenue processed, making it a cost-effective solution. Interested record labels can go to or call 858-784-5433 for more information or to sign up for the service.

About RoyaltyShare

RoyaltyShare is the worldwide leader in Web-based royalty processing and digital content management solutions for the global entertainment industry. Utilizing an innovative Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) application delivery model, RoyaltyShare provides a suite of on-demand services dedicated to simplifying the increasingly complex digital sales process. Its state-of-the-art system and dedicated support team enable music labels, distributors and publishers to accurately manage the entire digital sales process anytime, anywhere. RoyaltyShare's service offerings include the ripping and coding of content, metadata management, storage and delivery of digital content, managing sales and distribution information, calculating royalties, and generating artist and publisher royalty reports. RoyaltyShare's Web-based solution supports the management of content sold through digital, physical, subscription, mobile and other channels. For more information, please visit

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