BARCELONA, December 22 /PRNewswire/ -- Safelayer Secure Communications ( - leader in developing technology for electronic identification, electronic signatures and data encryption- announces new advances in its solutions for the next generation of e-signatures, e-passports and citizen ID systems. The company also highlights the expansion of its global partner network.

Safelayer is enhancing its solutions for national IDs and first and second generation electronic passports (ICAO BAC and EAC e-Passports), underlining its capacity to provide a complete set of the PKI components required to deploy this type of critical infrastructure. Governments in Europe and around the world regard citizen ID and electronic identification as strategic. The new generation of standards, such as EAC 2.0 with which Safelayer is working, will provide the eIDs with the capability for secure identification over the Internet, protection of personal data using cryptographic privacy systems and effective Internet child protection, as well as advanced electronic signatures.

Furthermore, Safelayer offers some of the most complete solutions for identification and electronic signatures that stand out for their superior effective interconnection and trust management capabilities in the European and global arenas. According to Francisco Jordan, Safelayer's CEO, as well as being pioneers in research and innovation in security technology and in compliance with the standards, our participation in international forums, such as the BIG (Brussels Interoperability Group), IDABC interoperability studies and ETSI Plugtests for e-Signatures, is strategic for the continued advancement of our products. In the same way, BIG is used as a reference for cross-border e-identification with ICAO/EAC, Jordan adds, we believe that IDABC and ETSI works will pave the way for cross-border e-signature recognition, which is of key importance for the successful building of the new global Information Society.

Safelayer, which received international recognition from the Frost Sullivan business research and consulting firm for its marketing strategy leadership in public key infrastructure (PKI) systems, is focusing on digital identification and certification projects and trust services for public administration and CSPs (certification service providers) located in different global markets. From its position of leadership, Safelayer also foresees an increase in demand from the banking and insurance sectors and from large corporations for both electronic authentication and data protection. In line with this, Safelayer has established new commercial agreements in the Italian and Polish markets, which consolidates its distribution channel that comprises 21 VARs in countries including Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Uruguay, Portugal, France and Morocco.

About Safelayer

Safelayer, a company founded in 1999 in Barcelona (Spain), is a leading developer of security and trust products for digital identification, electronic signatures and data protection. Safelayer solutions are to be found in large corporations and in the administration, defense, banking and insurance, and health sectors. The highest security certifications and quality that guarantee Safelayer solutions are the result of strong investment in R D and innovation, the exclusive adoption of standards and strict interoperability control. Safelayer technology is based on open standards and is characterized by its performance, simplicity and flexibility, and by being endorsed by the Common Criteria EAL4+ security and quality certification.

The KeyOne product family implements advanced public key infrastructures (PKI) for managing digital certificates, certificate validation and electronic time-stamping. The TrustedX trusted services platform provides applications with information security mechanisms-for electronic transactions and documents and web messaging-using a SOA (services-oriented architecture) and XML approach.


BIG - Brussels Interoperability Group - Technical working group working under the authority of the Article 6 Committee of the European Commission

ETSI Plugtests for electronic signatures - XAdES CAdES Interoperability Tests -

IDABC - European Federated Validation Service -


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