BARCELONA, June 12 /PRNewswire/ -- Safelayer Secure Communications S.A., the market leader in security and trust for information and communication technologies, is taking part with the Spanish National Police in the BIG (Brussels Interoperability Group) technical committee being attended by EU Member States.

The company is the leader in the development of PKI technology (Public Key Infrastructure) for digital identification, electronic signatures and data encryption

Along with the Spanish National Police, the firm is providing technology for the second generation of the European ePassport

Safelayer's participation in the committee involves providing support to the Spanish National Police and playing an active role in the development of the next generation of ePassports. This next generation of travel documents, which incorporates the Extended Access Control (EAC) security mechanism to guarantee the privacy of the electronic identification personal data, will be adopted by EU and European Economic Area countries from June of this year.

The BIG is the technical working group designated by the Article 6 Committee of the European Commission for coordinating the technical development of the next generation of ePassports. According to Francisco Jordan, CEO of Safelayer, the BIG's role is to develop and implement the European Union's strategy for creating interoperable electronic documents. Safelayer's participation in the BIG is the outcome of the company's strategy built upon standards and quality.

Safelayer's KeyOne technology-for digital identification, electronic signature and data protection solutions-provides the PKI components for the Extended Access Control (EAC) security infrastructure for the second generation passport and the Basic Access Control (BAC) for the first generation passport, which was standardized by the ICAO. Jordan says, Safelayer provides technology for managing critical identity projects that can deal with large volumes of users, as is the case with the Spanish citizen identification project. For the first and second generation of electronic passports, Safelayer security solutions meet all scalability, reliability and interoperability requirements and the strictest security standards.

About Safelayer

Founded in May 1999, Safelayer Secure Communications S.A. ( is a Spanish company that develops security software solutions for managing digital identity, electronic signatures and data protection. The family of KeyOne products implements advanced public key infrastructures (PKI) capable of managing digital certificates, certificate validation and electronic time-stamping. The TrustedX trusted services platform provides applications with information security mechanisms-for electronic documents and web messaging-using a SOA (Service-Oriented Architecture) and XML approach. For more information: IT COMMUNICATION +349-3362-1034

For more information: IT COMMUNICATION,, +349-3362-1034