BARCELONA, February 12 /PRNewswire/ -- Nanoradio today announced that Samsung Electro-Mechanics, one of the world's leading electronic components manufacturers, team up in a partnership in order to provide state of the art WLAN modules to the wireless mobile industry. The two companies are already in a sampling phase for an integrated low power Wi-Fi System in Package (SiP) solution for the mobile phone market.

Fixed-mobile convergence (FMC) using dual mode cellular/Wi-Fi handsets is set to be a rapidly developing market during 2008, and low power Wi-Fi modules are a critical enabling technology for this application. The partnership takes advantage of combining Samsung Electro-Mechanics' expertise in providing module solutions to the wireless market and Nanoradio's background as a fabless semiconductor company specialised in producing chipset solutions for Wi-Fi applications. The Samsung Electro-Mechanics Wi-Fi SiP is based on the Nanoradio NRX700/2 Wi-Fi chipset and is targeting Tier 1 OEM manufacturers.

The Nanoradio NRX700/2 Wi-Fi chipset offer fully tested 802.11b/g functionality, featuring ultra-low power consumption (doubling of the standby time compared to other standard dual Wi-Fi / cellular phone offerings) and on-chip power management, Bluetooth co-existence, FMCA/UMA compliance and support for both hosted and embedded solutions. The power amplifier (PA) and cellular RF filter are both built in, and no external components are required. Another major advantage is an optimised algorithm for data, voice and Hi-Fi stereo audio.

"Samsung has chosen Nanoradio for its power efficient design and high integration level" The Nanoradio WLAN subsystem is the best in its class and will make very attractive offerings in our product portfolio" said Mr. KC Park, General Manager, Network Products Team, Samsung Electro-Mechanics.

Pär Bergsten, CEO and Founder of Nanoradio, commented, "We are proud that a major component supplier such as Samsung Electro-Mechanics has selected us as their Wi-Fi radio provider. Samsung Electro-Mechanics is a well established global manufacturer of wireless components and complements perfectly our integrated chipset expertise." "We foresee endless opportunities," Pär Bergsten, continues.

About, Samsung Electro-Mechanics Co. LTD

Samsung Electro-Mechanics, established in 1973 as a manufacturer of key electronic components, has become the leading electronic parts maker in Korea and a major global. The company's major products include high-tech material components, such as High Density Interconnections, IC Substrates and Multi Layer Ceramic Chip Capacitors; radio frequency components, such as Digital

Tuners, Network Modules, Mobile RF Components and Precision Motors; and optic technology components, such as Image Sensor Modules and Light Emitting Diodes. Samsung Electro-Mechanics is a technology driven company, and through its "The Inside Edge that Shapes the Future" program is focusing on developing state-of-the-art technology and parts.

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About Nanoradio AB

Nanoradio design semiconductors with wireless capability for the cellular and handheld market where buying decisions relate to power consumption, physical size, and total cost for customers. Nanoradio has developed the most integrated circuits which bring outstanding WLAN capabilities into mobile phones and consumer multimedia electronics. Nanoradio's Wi-Fi chips target a range of applications, including mobile phones, wireless network cameras for home surveillance, Portable media Players and gaming devices. Another big area for Nanoradio is the growing fixed-mobile convergence market with dual-mode phones.

The company was founded in March 2004 and it is a "fabless" company which means that all manufacturing is outsourced. Nanoradio has a team of 70 people with extensive experience from the cellular and wireless industry as well as semiconductor industry and start-ups. The head-quarter is in Kista, Sweden and we have sales offices in Korea, Japan and USA.

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Carl Elgh. Vice President Marketing Phone: +46-733-941400 Press: Annika Engelhart Market Communicator

FOR FURTHER INFORMATION on Nanoradio solutions, please contact: Carl Elgh. Vice President Marketing,, Phone: +46-33-941400; Press: Annika Engelhart, Market Communicator,