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ExploTrack, Inc. is pleased to announce that the Saudi Chemical Company has taken an investment position in its company, which provides breakthrough technical solutions that detect, track, monitor, and identify explosives in real-time and enable unprecedented supply-chain security. In doing so, the Saudi Chemical Company is demonstrating leadership as a Middle Eastern entity committed to the goal of global explosives security.

"ExploTrack is a strategic investment for the Saudi Chemical Company which represents our commitment to technology and innovation. ExploTrack provides unprecedented global explosives security with clear chain-of-custody and authentication in the dynamic commercial explosives environment," said Mohammed H. Al-Sogaih, Deputy General Manager, Saudi Chemical Company.

ExploTrack is the inventor of Smart Explosives and Smart Detonators, which are transported in Smart Cases and secured in Smart Magazines.

"Real-time globally visible explosives security is one of the best defenses against terrorists who misuse explosives to manufacture bombs," said Bob Morhard, Chief Executive Officer, ExploTrack, Inc. "With this unprecedented end-to-end solution, we are embarking on an age in which Smart Explosives and Smart Detonators and their chain-of-custody is visible in real-time any place on earth."

The Saudi Chemical Company, a Saudi Joint Stock Company, traces its beginning to 1972 as the first and sole civil explosive manufacturing company in Saudi Arabia. The company has a strong commitment to technology, innovation, quality, and market globalization.

"The strength and world-class standing of the Saudi Chemical Company and their involvement in ExploTrack, Inc. is a positive force in the establishment of our goal of global explosives security," said Morhard. "Real-time explosives control is a requirement for 21st century global security with approximately 9 million metric tonnes of explosives moving throughout the global supply-chain annually."

"We recognize the vital importance of providing a secure and efficient means of tracking explosives shipments as they move through normal commerce throughout the world," said Al-Sogaih. "By combining Saudi Chemical Company strengths with the ExploTrack record as an explosives technical services provider to the multinational industrial explosives manufacturing industry, we are now in a position to ensure the rapid deployment of explosives security systems throughout the world."

As a global RFID developer and manufacturer, ExploTrack technologies support a broad range of applications involving Transportation and Logistics, Asset and People Tracking, and Supply Chain Management. "The ExploTrack technical solutions are based on the company's patented RFID technology platform, which operates to stringent explosives safety standards, in real-world environments where other RFID technologies repeatedly fail," said Morhard.

The Master Lock Company and ExploTrack have teamed up to develop the ExploSecure product line, which uses advanced PulseCode electronic locking technology for storage magazine doors, explosives delivery truck doors, ocean container doors, bulk truck access panels, production areas, bulk storage bins, rail cars, and any other area where explosives must be positively secured. ExploSecure provides the administrator with an audit trail by providing details of exactly who opened the door and when it was opened. MagTrack, a part of the ExploAccess product line, compliments the ExploSecure system to provide a hardware and software platform to positively control and monitor explosives materials inventory and their real-time storage conditions anywhere in the world using secure wireless communications protocols operating under solar power, all under a secure web-based software platform. The MagTrack system can be installed on an existing magazine door in less than five minutes!

ExploTrack will launch ExploSecure and ExploAccess at the International Society of Explosives Engineers annual conference January 26-30, 2008 in New Orleans, LA USA. ExploTrack products will be available for purchase in February 2008 on

About Saudi Chemical Company. (Saudi Stock Exchange SCCO) Saudi Chemical's line of production includes the latest generation, safest, and worldwide commonly used civil explosives and non-electrical detonators. KEMULEX is an emulsion type explosive characterized by its high detonation velocity and good waterproof properties and packaged in special plastic cartridges with different sizes that meet the clients' needs. Saudi Chemical Company also manufactures SANEL non-electric detonators that provide the precise control and accuracy that reduces blasting vibration and improves fragmentation for all kind of blasting. Progress continues and Saudi Chemical proceeds along the path of ongoing improvement, advancing in all aspects that go beyond expectation to provide domestic and global supplies of most modern explosives. This resulted in new production line for ENVIROSEIS, the latest in seismic explosives specially designed for seismic exploration. Proudly, ENVIROSEIS is now used for oil and gas exploration in Saudi Arabia. In addition, the company offers wide variety of Electrical Detonators and Detonating Cords in addition to all accessories for rock blasting and oil exploration.

About ExploTrack, Inc. ExploTrack provides explosives supply-chain and real-time explosives security solutions worldwide to manufacturers, distributors, and users of explosive, propellant and pyrotechnic materials. ExploTrack hardware and software is specifically designed to meet stringent explosives safety and security standards. ExploTrack solves a pressing global security problem by providing detection, tracking, monitoring, and identification solutions. Using advanced RFID technologies, explosives materials are tracked and monitored in real time, in an end-to-end supply chain from production through logistics, in storage magazines, and finally in use at the blasting site. ExploTrack, Inc. grew from Zukovich, Morhard & Wade, LLC, a world-class design and engineering firm that specializes in projects involving explosives, propellants and pyrotechnics with extensive experiences in explosives and detonator manufacturing in the US and in more than 72 countries worldwide (see Thomas A. Gelormino, who provided ExploTrack with early stage investment capital, further enabled ExploTrack, Inc. Mr. Gelormino is the owner of Vet's Explosives, Inc., a 50-year-old urban drill, blast and explosives distribution company operating in Connecticut, New York and Massachusetts. Mr. Gelormino's other investments include MetroRock, LLC., the predominant supplier of drill and blasting services in New York City. ExploTrack offers RFID ePedigree tracking and monitoring of Smart Explosives, Smart Detonators, Smart Cases, Smart Magazines with Mag-Track at the pallet, case and unit level. ExploTrack provides unprecedented global explosives security technologies, which include real-time monitoring of light, heat, motion, movement, and noise conditions inside Smart Magazines, and aboard smart trucks and smart ocean containers. Software and communications are built with the best data security encryption available. ExploTrack Smart Magazines with Mag-Track include edge-ware access control devices. Explosives security is enhanced by RFID interrogation platforms at the pallet, case and unit level during logistics functioning for real-time explosives security and also GPS "GEO-FENCING" of critical infrastructure.

NOTICE: USA & FOREIGN PATENTS & TRADEMARKS ISSUED & PENDING: Smart Explosive, Smart Detonator, Smart Case, Smart Magazine, MagTrack, Smart Blast, ExploAccess, ExploSecure, ExploBulk, ExploTrack, ExploTrack RFID and the ExploTrack logo.

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