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- SearchBoth.com, a tool that enables users to search both Google and Yahoo! side by side on one split screen along with any two travel sites and any two Yellow Pages sites, has now launched a poll on its website asking users to vote on their favorite search engines: Google, Yahoo!, MSN Live or Ask

SearchBoth.com, most known for its tool that enables users to search Google and Yahoo! side by side on one split screen along with the option of any major search engine or any major travel site side by side as well, today announced a voting poll on its website in order for users to vote on their favorite search engine. Users can vote between Google, Yahoo!, MSN Live, or Yahoo!.

The rivalry between which search engine has better results still remains unanswered. According to a poll on SearchBoth.com, 70% of the country prefers Google, 16% prefers Yahoo!, 8% prefers Ask and only 5% prefers MSN. The results were based on over 1,000 votes. SearchBoth.com's philosophy is that the two top search engines, Google and Yahoo!, both need to be searched. According to Steve Stein, a company spokesperson, "Google and Yahoo! are both great search engines and in my opinion both need to be searched. I personally have found items on Google's third page whereas the same item appeared on Yahoo!'s first page. For most people that don't search past the second page, they would have missed out on finding information they were searching for. Also, both sites show drastically different results for images, videos, and news. In some cases Yahoo! had much better content than Google. We feel people are missing out on finding important content by only searching Google. This is the whole reason why SearchBoth.com was developed. If someone is willing to spend the time to Google it, why not just SearchBoth it?"

SearchBoth.com is the first site to implement a formal poll asking users to vote on their favorite search engine. The company hopes to educate people further on the differences between Google and Yahoo! and the need for both sites to be searched in order to receive a thorough search. Users can view results of the poll by visiting: http://www.SearchBoth.com/vote .

The company has recently launched a spam free, ad ware free, and pop-up free toolbar plugin for the Internet Explorer and FireFox browsers. Also, SearchBoth, along with its sister company YellowPages Corporation -- operator of multiple online YellowPages sites including travel website aggregator YELLOWPAGES.travel -- and national publisher of telephone books, announced that they will donate 15% of their net proceeds to multiple charitable organizations such as the American Red Cross, the American Cancer Society and other non-profit organizations. Users of online search engines, online travel websites and online YellowPages websites are urged to use SearchBoth.com and YELLOWPAGES.travel instead of going to the websites directly as this will generate more revenue for the company and in result the company will donate more to multiple charities. Users are able to recommend charities of their choice to the company and vote on which charities should get a portion of the 15% total donation by visiting SearchBoth.com/Charity .

According to Matt Richards, the company spokesperson, "Our overall revenues are high while our overhead remains fairly low. Our company and our larger sister company can afford to donate some of the profits to benefit good causes. We can comfortably give away 15-20% of our profits while still remaining very profitable for our shareholders. Major corporations need to take the lead in times of lower economic growth and slowdown; the YellowPages being one of the most respected is no different."

Users of Google, Yahoo!, or any search engine, travel website or YellowPages website covered by SearchBoth.com or YELLOWPAGES.travel are encouraged to download the toolbar plugin or just use the site and do their part in donating to charities.

About SearchBoth.com

SearchBoth.com is a site that enables users to search both Google and Yahoo! or any search engine or any travel website side by side on one split screen. The site also places AT&T's YELLOWPAGES.com and Verizon's SuperPages.com side by side as well. SearchBoth.com is owned by YellowPages Corporation and managed by InternetLabz.com, an internet incubation company with popular websites such as http://www.YELLOWPAGES.travel which searches the top 12 travel sites with one click and also http://www.YellowPagesMessenger.com which is a suite of services such as YellowPages and Dictionary over AOL and MSN instant messenger using the screen names "FreeYellowPages" and "MyDictionary".

Web site: http://www.SearchBoth.com

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