DUBLIN, Ireland, November 19 /PRNewswire/ --

- SearchBoth.ie enables users to search both Google.ie and Yahoo.ie at the same time by placing both sites on a split screen. Users can do a search and see the results of both sites, side by side

SearchBoth, Corp., today announced the launch of SearchBoth.ie; Ireland's first website that enables users to search both Google.ie and Yahoo.ie at the same time.

Both Google and Yahoo are placed side by side on a split screen in order for users to easily compare results of both websites. The company has also launched the same service for 17 other countries including the United States with SearchBoth.com, Mexico with SearchBoth.com.mx, United Kingdom with SearchBoth.co.uk, Belgium with SearchBoth.be, Russia with SearchBoth.ru and many more. All of the SearchBoth family of websites searches both Google and Yahoo or Google and MSN in their respective countries.

Online searchers no longer need to be tied to just one search engine. According to researchers and analysts, the majority of tech savvy and non-tech savvy Irish search engine users are crossed between either Google or Yahoo. Each show the same results, but on different pages. Some results may come up on Google's first page, however, the same results could be on Yahoo's second, third or fourth page, or vice versa. Both search engines need to be checked in order to secure an accurate search result.

SearchBoth.ie will be very useful for lawyers, doctors, students, researchers, and anyone that searches both Google and Yahoo can now do so on one page, side by side.

For any questions please contact the company directly at Info at SearchBoth.com.

Web site: http://www.SearchBoth.com

Stephen Dillon of Internet Times, 1-866-848-3392, pr@internetlabz.com