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Seiko Instruments' new printer series DPU-D2 and DPU-D3, with a paper width of 2 (58mm) and 3 (80mm) are designed for easy mounting into existing housings, control panels or switching cabinets.

The high print speed of 100mm/sec (2) and 80mm/sec (3) also allows for use in the POS environment, for example when printing additional receipts. The operating voltage is in the range of 5V to 9V DC.

Changing the paper roll is very simple and swift because of the easy paper operation system. Even though the footprint is very small it allows the use of a large paper roll, up to 50mm in diameter. There is a tear bar integrated into the housing.

The standard model is equipped with a serial RS-232C and an USB 2.0 interface. The parallel version (Centronics) of the DPU-D series is also available in 2 and 3 paper widths. For both parallel and serial versions, the data, as well as the voltage supply, is directed to the printer by flat cable.

The housing is completely closed, so that the printer is protected from environmental conditions such as moisture or dust, etc. The DPU-D series can be used in an operating temperature range of -10 degrees C to 50 degrees C.

Depending on the mechanism, the printed characters/line are 16/24/32/48 and 24/36/48/72 respectively. The print resolution is 8 dots/mm. Different barcodes are already supported by the integrated controller. Two status indicators on the front and four status output signals, as well as feedback messages on the interface, give the user and the parent system a quick overview of the printer`s status. The printer dimensions are W x D x H 80 (102) x 69 x 85,5 (mm).

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