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- How Any Man Can Give his Woman 15 Orgasms or More in 30 Minutes or Less

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The EROS Technique(c) is a new methodology for lovemaking that enables any man to give his woman multiple orgasms. Classy and tasteful, this is thought provoking, original sex advice that works. Presenting new insights and techniques, it's an aspirational lover's guide that takes the viewer on a very different journey through lovemaking.

An unlimited capacity for orgasm

Women have an almost unlimited capacity for orgasm according to sex researchers Masters and Johnson. There may be no limit to the number of orgasms women can have, the reality is that many don't even have one. With the global average time spent on sex only being around 5 minutes (according to recent research by the University of Utrecht) the world needs an inspirational lovemaking approach that delivers. This DVD is it.

Presented and narrated by Geoff Barlow, a new name in the field of sex education, two couples demonstrate all the key elements of the technique.

Smouldering hot

Women, unlike men, maintain a high level of arousal following a climax, she's still smouldering hot. Often, after they've both climaxed, they both fall asleep. But she's still at an orgasmic plateau where further stimulation can trip her into another orgasm and another. Many men don't realise this. Many women don't realise it themselves. So if he knows how, and she'd like more, he can give her a second or third climax, or many more.

Orgasmic Triggers

Penetrative Foreplay is a new stage to sex during which the man puts her in an altered state of consciousness (Sensual Trance). Two couples demonstrate specific Orgasmic Triggers that cause orgasms to happen, and show how combining different Orgasmic Triggers fires almost instantaneous orgasms and a continuous multiple orgasm. Men can use The Freeze, an alternative to thrusting, enabling them to last longer and have more fun.

Top 100 list

For any woman compiling a list of One hundred things I want to experience once, a multiple orgasm would surely be one of those hundred things. After she's equipped her man with a copy of The EROS Technique, it's more likely to become One thing I want to experience a hundred times.

Valentines Day seminar

Geoff presented this material at over 25 seminars held in London's Trocadero. He's running a special Romantic Weekend seminar for 20 lucky couples this Valentines Day in a Hertfordshire hotel.

The end of the beginning

A woman enjoys sex because of the physical and emotional bonding with her man. It's not always about orgasm. But when it is about orgasm, she can have double figures. Probably a tiny percentage of women experience multiple orgasms, but a huge percentage of women have that capability. Traditionally we think about sex as something that ends with orgasm. How would it be if her first orgasm was the beginning of the evenings lovemaking, rather than the end?

The male taboo

Once the sex talk taboo is put to one side men are genuinely interested in becoming the best lovers they can possibly be, says Geoff. Most men have a fascination about the wonders of the female body and how women can have these multi-orgasmic experiences. Almost every man I've met who doesn't already know how to do this, wants to know. For him it's a different way to do it, a different way to view it.

Sex tips are like Sainsburys

There are so many sex books out there giving hundreds of ideas about sex and that's great. Sex Tips are like Sainsbury's. At Sainsbury's you can get thousands of ingredients, but you still have to select a few ingredients and blend them together to make a meal. And Jamie Oliver will give you a recipe. This technique is a really flexible recipe that any man can cook up, any way he chooses.

Guy Fawkes for Guys and Girls

What makes this unique? It's a unique methodology - putting different ingredients together to get explosive results. It's Guy Fawkes for guys, and girls. That's why there's fireworks in a heart shape on the DVD cover.

It's a unique DVD, describing and showing, how any man can give a woman a multiple orgasm.

What makes Geoff unique? In a world of female sex experts, here's a man breaking taboos and giving common sense advice to other men.

It's credit crunch. It's winter. People are staying in, saving money. What better than a couple going to bed early, cuddling up and trying this new approach?

The DVD is available for Valentines Day via (Free pre-release copy available for press / media only)

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