LONDON, February 16, 2010 /PRNewswire/ -- The European luminaire market is long established and mature. However, recent developments have shaken the sedentary growth rate of the market, with a construction boom in early-2000s swiftly followed by a construction slump and prolonged economic downturn. A greater emphasis on energy savings in the lighting sector and a new legislation that phases out inefficient lighting will help the European lighting equipment markets to bounce back to growth by 2010. The shift towards more intelligence in luminaries, along with the focus on higher energy efficiency in all sectors, will ensure a significant growth rate over the medium and long terms.


New analysis from Frost Sullivan (, European Lighting Equipment Markets: An Analysis of the Luminaires Market, finds that the market earned revenues of US$15.45 billion in 2009 and estimates this to reach US$17.60 billion by 2016. The study covers internal, external and decorative luminaires for commercial, residential, public and industrial end users.

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The European lighting equipments market has seen a shift towards energy efficient technology and greater intelligence within luminaires in recent years as more consumers aim for savings and further integration with building and lighting controls, says Frost Sullivan Partner John Raspin.

The last ten years have witnessed a change in the staid market structure as manufacturers and consumers have scrambled for technology that is more efficient. A string of new legislation mandating greater energy efficiency in buildings has emphasised the role of lighting and high energy prices. Therefore, energy efficiency and intelligent luminaries have become the major objectives for both the manufacturers and end users, resulting in a greater level of integration between controls and luminaires over the last few years. The shift in lamp type preference has also caused a stir in the portfolios of luminaire manufacturers.

While new lighting legislation and mandates have effectively signalled a new phase in luminaire production and the rise in the consumer demand is driving the manufacturers to step up luminaires production, it is not a simple redesign. A significant challenge is that most new technologies require special ventilation and heat dissipation means and better adoption of controls to continue functioning at optimum levels. In response, manufacturers are progressing towards controllers that are more intelligent.

As building control technologies become more intelligent, advanced controllers are playing a larger role in lighting and building automation, says Mr. John Raspin. The advent of the new energy efficient legislation has also resulted in a large number of consumers trying to incorporate building control systems into their lighting and building management systems.

Manufacturers are developing luminaires that have a good interaction with controllers, with some even integrating simple controllers with their luminaries. While this trend is still catching on in the residential sector, it is becoming common in outdoor and commercial lighting. For now, the high-end luminaires market is a crucial growth avenue for manufacturers seeking to provide greater intelligence in systems.

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