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- One of the Top 30 UK Law Firms Depends on Mazu Profiler to Ensure Quality Customer Service while Optimizing Billable Hours for Clients -

Mazu Networks, the leading provider of behaviour-based, enterprise-class performance and availability solutions, today announced that Shoosmiths, a top 30 UK law firm, selected Mazu Profiler to help ensure quality customer service while maximising employee billable hours. Through Mazu Profiler, a leading application performance management solution based on Network Behaviour Analysis (NBA), Shoosmiths gains the visibility needed to ensure the uninterrupted delivery of critical business services by ensuring the performance and availability of applications across its complex IT infrastructure.

As a service-based company, the ability to provide customers with information quickly is a critical business requirement for Shoosmiths. Further, since each solicitor's time is billed to the client, Shoosmiths needed to minimise any delays in accessing information from the network as to optimise their billable hours. However, after evaluating their existing program, Shoosmiths found that their existing tools did not allow them to proactively determine problems and respond accordingly.

Whenever users travelled to a remote office and logged onto the network, they experienced significant delays when trying to access our systems, which also affected the response times for other local users. We realized that we needed a solution that could provide us with a deep and intelligent understanding of all the components, users and activity on our IT infrastructure, said Andrew Downie, infrastructure and operations manager, Shoosmiths. Mazu Profiler enabled us to identify why a remote user's actions were causing delays and poor performance. In addition to this we are now using Mazu Profiler to help us map our application interdependencies ahead of migration to a hosting centre.

Based on NBA, Mazu Profiler offers organisations a new way of looking at the IT infrastructure and provides significant value to network, security and data centre operations teams. By using Mazu Profiler's comprehensive behaviour-based analytics, the Shoosmiths team gains a true end-to-end view of the application delivery path from back-end servers to the users' desktops. Mazu Profiler learns the typical behaviour patterns and interactions of and dependencies between users, applications, network and systems. Mazu Profiler is the only solution that uses advanced behaviour-based technologies to analyse traffic to detect application performance and availability, congestion and security issues to ensure the constant delivery of critical business applications.

In a 24x7 business world, meeting the ever-increasing demands of good customer service translates into performance and availability -- how quickly you can respond and how accurate is your answer, said Paul Brady, chief executive officer, Mazu Networks, Inc. Mazu Profiler enables Shoosmiths to provide quality customer service because the product gives them a complete understanding of everything and anything happening across their entire IT infrastructure. This gives Shoosmiths the intelligence they need to deliver quality business services without interruption as well as protect its critical assets from compromise.

Mazu Profiler enables IT organisations to manage, secure and optimise the performance and availability of business applications. Through Mazu Profiler, IT teams can improve key initiatives including: application performance management; security and compliance; WAN management; CMDB-discovery; and data centre consolidation and migration. With Mazu Profiler, companies can address these critical IT initiatives and evolve their network to keep pace with the speed of business today. For more information on the ways Mazu Profiler can resolve today's most pressing network operations and security challenges, please visit:

Mazu Networks worked with Solution Centre, a leading solutions provider, to integrate Mazu Profiler into the Shoosmith IT infrastructure. Solution Centre, based in Basingstoke, UK, specialises in providing clients with technology to solve issues relating to data availability, security and manageability. Solution Centre was instrumental in helping Mazu Networks bring the value of NBA to Shoosmiths.

About Shoosmiths

Shoosmiths is a UK top 30 national law firm with 113 partners and more than 1,500 personnel at offices in Basingstoke, Birmingham, Milton Keynes, Northampton, Nottingham, Reading and Southampton. Clients include household name Blue Chip companies, leading financial institutions, public and private sector organisations, and foreign-owned corporates. Recognition includes Best Brand in Practice at the MPF 2007 European Practice Management Awards. Shoosmiths is a member of the World Services Group -- a global association of leading legal and service professionals -- and an Equal Opportunities Employer, coming top of a diversity survey conducted by the Black Solicitors' Network. Its national charity partner for 2008 - 2010 is Shelter, the housing and homelessness charity.

About Mazu Networks, Inc.

Mazu Networks offers solutions that enable IT organizations to manage, secure and optimise the availability and performance of business services. Mazu Profiler uses Network Behaviour Analysis (NBA) to provide a new way of managing application performance and security by analysing the interactions of users with the applications, systems and network devices that comprise the application delivery infrastructure. Mazu Profiler delivers a management solution that spans network, security and data centre operations groups and provides a broad range of capabilities including improved application performance management, threat management, CMDB discovery and regulatory compliance. Only Mazu Profiler offers behavioural analytics, dependency mapping, user-defined policies, application and user identification, enhanced workflow and an application delivery perspective. With Mazu Profiler, hundreds of customers are able to ensure the availability, performance, and security of business services as well as to reduce costs and satisfy regulatory requirements. For more information, please visit

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