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- Lloyd's Register Uses Shunra Virtual Enterprise for WAN Optimisation Vendor Selection Project and to Ensure, Pre-Deployment, That Applications Will Perform Well for Users at Over 200 Remote Offices

Shunra (, the world's leading provider of network emulation solutions, has been chosen by Lloyd's Register, a global independent risk management organisation, for several strategic technology initiatives. Lloyd's Register initially selected Shunra Virtual Enterprise (VE), following a competitive tender process, to measure the impact of data center consolidation on networked application performance for a Wide Area Network (WAN) optimisation project. Due to the success of the product on this project, the Shunra VE product has been adopted as a strategic tool in the core technology set used to manage the deployment of new or updated applications to users in more than 250 offices across more than 75 countries globally across the multi-vendor, multi-platform WAN.

"Based on the experience we've already had with Shunra VE, its use has become critical to deploying new applications confidently on the network," said John Timkey, Senior Network Project Analyst, Group IT Department, Lloyd's Register. "We required a product that could reproduce our complex WAN conditions, whether it be an MPLS link or a small ADSL link in the remotest place, to allow for a baseline for an up-and-coming WAN optimisation project. We chose Shunra VE for this immediate need and continue to use it in testing for deployment of applications. Although we evaluated several other products, Shunra won us over due to its ease of use with the Visio plug-in, and its excellent reporting functionality. It's got everything we need."

Shunra VE is used by Lloyd's Register for testing multi-architecture applications. "In the past, we could not reproduce the correct WAN environment and the process used was not cost-effective. Previously, we could not accurately simulate practical WAN constraints such as latency, loss and jitter. Instead, like a lot of organisations, the focus would be on throwing more bandwidth at the solution, which is costly and insufficient technically. Now, Shunra VE accurately reproduces the performance of applications across the WAN, allowing our application monitoring tools to accurately identify problems relating to specific network conditions. This enables us to resolve problems during the pre-deployment phase, and combined with our WAN optimisation services, provides a dramatically more efficient global WAN service," said Timkey.

In addition to the technology issues, it has also contributed to reduced expenses, as explained by Danny King, Lloyd's Register CTO. "The initial business case for Shunra VE was made in the savings that we have already made on reduced travel to site and proactive problem resolution. Network-related issues are resolved prior to deployment so we no longer have to send network engineers to site, or negotiate specific expensive operational support cover at time of implementation."

"Customers like Lloyd's Register can now road test their applications on the network they actually have," said Ben Boulnois, Shunra Sales Director, Europe and Africa. "By doing so, their specific network-related application challenges are addressed in a proactive, effective and timely manner. But, in addition, they also realise other benefits, such as higher productivity, time savings because they avoid troubleshooting and fixing application problems after they've been deployed, and more satisfied end users who value applications performing as they should," said Boulnois. "Shunra is pleased that Lloyd's Register chose Shunra VE over others they considered, and that their experience has already proven the wisdom of that choice."

About Shunra Virtual Enterprise

Shunra VE is Shunra's flagship solution for large enterprises. Shunra VE emulates a global network environment in the pre-deployment lab so that network and QA professionals can test the performance of applications and infrastructure under a wide variety of network impairments, topologies and technologies, as if they were running in a real production environment. The Shunra VE family of products also includes Shunra VE Desktop, a client/server software solution designed primarily for developers, and Shunra VE SMB Edition, a software version of the Shunra VE solution that specifically meets the needs of small to medium-size businesses. Eight additional software modules are also available, giving users additional network emulation tools. Shunra also has a turnkey Professional Services group.

About the Lloyd's Register Group

The Lloyd's Register Group is an independent risk management organisation that works to help to improve its clients' quality, safety, environmental and business performance throughout the world, because life matters. Its expertise and activities cover railways, shipping, oil and gas, and other asset-based industries.

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Shunra is the pioneer and market leader in testing the performance and behavior of services across today's complex networks. The Shunra VE network emulation solutions let users know exactly how their voice, video and business applications will perform in any network environment - before they are rolled out into production. Shunra is the only company to provide integrated hardware and software network emulation products and services that address the needs of all IT groups throughout the application development lifecycle. Many leading companies worldwide use Shunra's award-winning solutions and services, including 3M, Boeing, Cisco, Dow Chemical, EMC, FedEx, General Motors, JPMorgan Chase, Kelly Services, Merrill Lynch, Motorola, Nestle, Pitney Bowes, and Vodafone. Shunra has offices in New York City, Philadelphia, Israel, and the UK. Shunra is also supported through a global network of channel partners. For more information on Shunra, please visit

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