STUTTGART, Germany, February 1 /PRNewswire/ -- Sisvel announced today that more than 20 companies are now participating in its facilitation process to create an LTE/SAE patent pool. The first general meeting of participating companies will be held in Frankfurt beginning tomorrow, February 2nd. Participants in Sisvel's LTE facilitation process represent the entire spectrum of relevant industries, and include telecommunications companies (device vendors, network equipment providers, and operators), consumer electronics and integrated circuit manufacturers, as well as research institutes coming from China, Japan, Korea, Europe, and North America.

Sisvel's in-house technical expertise and its commitment to creating customized licensing solutions through a transparent and inclusive process have been cited as key factors in bringing together this diverse group of owners of essential LTE patents. Sisvel's patent call has been extremely successful, explained Giustino de Sanctis, Managing Director of Sisvel Germany, GmbH. The number and breadth of essential patent holders in attendance tomorrow will provide an invaluable opportunity to make further progress toward creating a joint licensing platform for this emerging technology.

An open and broad-based LTE/SAE patent pool will support the adoption of LTE, make the licensing process much more efficient, and ensure a healthy ecosystem for LTE to thrive, continued Mr. de Sanctis. This is also an ideal time for any patent holders to put forward their ideas to design and administer the pool. Sisvel encourages everyone who holds an essential patent to join Sisvel's facilitation process and contribute to the creation of such a significant patent pool.

All parties holding a patent or patent application that they believe to be essential to LTE/SAE are invited to contact Sisvel to arrange for a review of essentiality by an independent evaluator. Detailed information on patent submission, as well as other procedures for participating in the facilitation process, can be obtained from Sisvel by sending an email to the following address:


LTE (Long Term Evolution) is the evolution of 3GPP standards for land mobile communications. It will provide higher transmission rates and enhanced user experience, primarily with high speed data services. SAE (System Architecture Evolution) is the enhancement of Packet Switched technology to cope with rapid growth in IP traffic. LTE/SAE form the basis of 3GPP Release 8 specification set.

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